How To Use Pizza Stone? [ Guide 2022]


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Using a pizza stone can dramatically transform your homemade pizza game. You may never again need to outsource pizza (though we won’t blame you if you do!).

This simple kitchen addition makes your oven behave more like a brick oven, but what does this mean for your handmade pizza? Better crusts and shorter cooking times are the answer. Below is additional information on how to utilize.

Should I Oil My Pizza Stone?

It should not be oiled because its porous surface does not season like a cast-iron pan. In actuality, seasoning it provides no benefits.

How Long Does To Cook Pizza On A Pizza Stone?

how to use pizza stone

With the proper technique, cooking on it is quite easy. Put the stone on the lowest rack of a cool oven to begin.

This is crucial; you should never insert a cold (or room-temperature) pizza stone in a hot oven, as the resulting thermal shock can cause it to break or even explode.

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After the oven has reached the proper temperature, you should allow it an additional 30 minutes to preheat. In the meantime, you must allow the pizza dough to reach room temperature.

Placing cold pizza dough on a heated stone can also cause the dough to crack. When used correctly, it will cook most of the pizzas within eight to ten minutes.

Remember that the porous clay used to create pizza stones can absorb flavors and scents.

However, if you wish to experiment with homemade pizza dough, you must be mindful of the flavorings you choose. Anchovies on pizza dough can be delicious, but you may eat pizzas with anchovy flavor for a very long period.

Using A Pizza Stone

A pizza stone’s primary function is to transfer heat to the dough from below. You may have heard that a pizza stone’s porous surface produces a crispy bottom because it “absorbs moisture,” but this is not entirely accurate.

When the dough is cooked to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, it absorbs no moisture because liquids rapidly convert to steam and evaporate.

Porousness becomes a problem because, unlike a metal baking pan, a pizza stone’s microscopic fissures and crevices allow steam to escape more efficiently than a metal pan.

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The ultrasmooth surfaces of metals tend to hold moisture, resulting in a mushy crust as opposed to a dry, crispy one. However, it often works since it becomes really hot.

Follow these instructions to bake pizza on a pizza stone:

  • Place your stone in a cool oven.
  • Preheat to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the oven is warmed, the stone is also heated.
  • The pizza is slid onto the stone.
  • Bake until cheese has browned gently.
  • Remove the pizza, then turn off the oven.
  • When the stone is cool, brush it but do not wash it.

Tips To Make The Most Of A Pizza Stone

How to use pizza stone

It is amazing for cooking wonderful pizza, but it also has other uses. You can experiment with various delectable recipes to make the most of this indispensable culinary tool.

When roasting fresh vegetables in the oven in the future, use your stone instead of a baking sheet.

You may still flavor them by coating them with oil and your preferred seasonings. Occasionally stir the vegetables as they roast.

Have you ever eaten a huge cookie? You may create your delectable confection by scooping uncooked cookie dough onto a greased stone.

Press it to make it uniform and level, then bake it at the temperature specified in the recipe. You must bake the large cookie for a few additional minutes.

Because it absorbs any ice crystals that may have developed in the freezer, it is also ideal for cooking frozen dishes.

If you’re cooking frozen items, this is the only time you shouldn’t preheat the stone, as placing cold food on a hot stone will cause irreparable damage to your meal.

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1. Do you put the pizza directly on the stone?

Always make your pizza on a pizza stone to ensure it is cooked precisely every time. If you’ve never made pizza on the stone before,

check out our suggestions for preparing excellent pizzas with one, as well as care instructions and ways to make the most of this indispensable kitchen tool.

2. What do you put between pizza stone and dough?

When the oven is prepared, slide the it onto the hot stone using a cornmeal-dusted pizzeria peel.

If your pizzas tend to adhere to the pizza stone, sprinkle the stone with corns before setting the pizza on it, or use a screen during the first half of the cooking period.

3. How long do you cook pizza on a pizza stone?

When used correctly, a stone will cook most pizzas within eight to ten minutes.

4. Can you use parchment paper on a pizza stone?

Yes. Transfer it (on parchment) from a peel to a heated stone. After 5–10 minutes, remove the parchment carefully and continue baking the pizza on the stone.

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