How Many Slices In A 14 Inch Pizza?


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There are 10-12 slices cut out from a 14 inch pizza. It comes under the category of large pizzas. So, if there is any issue regarding- if a 14 inch pizza large or medium, make sure you read back this content once again. 

Now a very common question that comes to mind is that basically a 14-inch pizza is large or is considered under medium sized? With 10-12 slices, a 14-inch pizza marks the category of large pizza. 

Before you know how many people can be fed on a 14-inch pizza, make sure you know about how many slices in a 14 inch pizza Domino’s?

Domino’s pizza consists of 4 sizes for their pies. A 14 inch large pie yields 10-12 slices whereas a medium size pizza of 12 inch gives 8 slices. 

Read this content to know more about a 14-inch sized pizza. 

How Many People Will Easily Feed On A 14-Inch Pizza?

How Many Slices In A 14 Inch Pizza

Now before you know how many people will easily feed on a 14-inch pizza, you should know how many servings is a 14 inch pizza. 

A 14-inch pizza is a large pie. The dimensions of a 14 inch pizza pie crust is about 36 cm or perhaps 14 inches in diameter. Now this pizza is perfect for a group of 4-6 people. 

If you want to know about how many slices in medium pizza domino’s India, it is estimated to be about 12-13 slices. It is perfect for a group of 13 people. It is about 12-14 inches.  

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Suppose there are kids coming to the pizza party and there are 14-15 of them, then you can easily order a 14 inches pizza.

As, this is sure to fit in the crowd easily. It is best to serve 4-6 people in a group. 

How Big Is A 14 Inch Pizza? 

How Many Slices In A 14 Inch Pizza
  • A 14 inch pizza is a medium sized pizza best to feed 4-6 people 
  • The diameter of the inch pizza pie crust is 36 cms or 14 inches
  • Large pizzas are 14 inches in diameter and can come approximately 10 slices
  • 10 slices appear to be standard for 14 inch pizzas
  • When it comes to standard large pizza, it is 16 inches
  • If you want to know how many slices is a 14 inch pizza, know that it is 10-12 slices, but it depends on the people who are invited to the people
  • A 14 inch pizza is an excellent choice for serving large group of people 

How Many 14 Size Pizzas Do I Need For 15 People?

If you want to feed 15 people in a group it is best to order 6 pizzas. This is not just best but also full enough for people in a crowd.

It is always better to eat all pizzas including any complimentary drink along with the pizza. 

For larger parties, order for 16 inch pizza. This is a perfect size for bigger groups. If you compare 14 inch pizza vs 16 inch pizza, you should know how and where you should order for such size.

Feeding bigger groups with 16 inch pizza is a much wiser option than ordering for 14 inch pizza. 

Another interesting tool of which you can take help of is the pizza calculator. Need help to determine the number of pizzas? It will help in exactly understanding the right size of the pizza. 

Guide On: How Many Slices In A Large Pizza?

It depends on the number of the people eating which will determine the diameter and size of the pizza. 

How Many Calories Is In A 10 Inch Pizza?

How Many Slices In A 14 Inch Pizza

According to the experts, a 10 inch pizza includes 760-1140 calories.  It depends on the type of cheese amount and the toppings that are used to make it much heavier.

Suppose you get a thin crust pizza, there are calories that can drop down to 800 for a whole pizza. Regular slice of cheese pizza has 190-200 calories.  

Another important factor that comes into mind when the discussion about 14 size pizza is on- how many slices in a 14 inch pizza Papa John’s has 10 slices.

There are XXL pizzas of 16 and 18 inches. It can also measure about 12 slices. 

The large pizzas are cut into 10 pieces. They are considered super dreamy.  Garden parties are perfect with Papa John’s pizzas.

They forma  great combination indeed. BBQ pizzas are overrated so, you can enjoy eating pizzas with veggies and corn spilled over it. 

Tips For Ordering Pizza For Both Small And Large Groups

How Many Slices In A 14 Inch Pizza
  • Know the number of elders and kids attending the pizza party before ordering
  • Understand the level of appetite of the people 
  • Also, take care that you should know the preferences, allergies and diet requirements of the people 
  • You can also order for a large pizza but before that enquire how many slices in a 14 inch pizza consists of. 
  • Pizza is apparently the most healthy takeaway you can get including its toppings
  • Pizzas are nutritional with tomato-based sauces, jalfrezi and madras, tandoori cooked meat pieces and some extra cheese to garnish 

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Q1. How many slices are in a 14 inch thin crust pizza?

Ans1. There are almost 10-12 slices that can be cut from the 14 inch thin crust pizza. And, for a gag of 5-6 people, a 14 inch large pizza does wonder. 

Q2. How many pizzas do I need for 14 adults?

Ans2. If there are 14 people coming for the pizza party, then you can order 2 14 inches pizzas and one 10 inches pizza for better servings. It will not be less and they can eat the pizza quite happily. 

Q3. How big is Dominos XL pizza?

Ans3. Domino’s XL sized pizza is just perfect for people who are 6-7 in a gang. This pizza measures 16 to 18 inches and is delicious with the toppings of choice only. 

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