How Many Slices In Costco Pizza?


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Costco Pizza comes in a standard size of 18 inches. You must be thinking how many slices on a Costco pizza? It has 12 slices and can be served between 3-4 people easily.

If you buy a whole pizza from the Costco food mart, it is prepared with a single layer of cheese and pepperoni.

Costco pizza is very delicious and a holy grail of cheap and delicious food. Since it is prepared in an extra thin crust, you can easily fold it up and eat.

If you love eating pizzas, you will find that these slices are easy to wolf down in no time at all.

How many slices on a Costco Pizza?

Costco Pizza comes in 8, 12, 16 servings. The best part is you can discuss with the pizzaiolo about how many slices you want and he will prepare the crust accordingly.

Before getting to know how many slices on a Costco Pizza, you need to know the fact behind the pizza slices.

Sometimes you are offered discounts on extra and bigger prices. Depending on the number of eaters, you have three options-

8 slices: This option is standard and if you are ordering for 2-3 adults, 8 slices will be sufficient.

12 slices: If you get pie sliced, you will get standard-sliced servings which everyone can eat quickly, whether they are an adult or a child.

16 slices: Suppose you have 7-8 invitees visiting you this evening and you plan to have a pizza party, order for 16 slices pizza. And, if you are ordering for kids, this pizza size will be more than enough.

Adults can take a big bite whereas kids can consume the pizzas slicing it into smaller servings. The idea is worth when you plan for pizzas depending on the number of people.

Generally one person can take 2 servings of one pizza crust. Hence, for 7-8 people 12 slices will work best. And if there are more people, 16 slices are perfect.

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What Kind of Pizzas Can You Order At Costco?

How Many Slices In Costco Pizza?

Let us see the Costco pizza types before you get started to order for one. There are different types of Costco pizzas. They are particularly popular among pizza fans.

The pie is popularly easy to bake and is prepared as per the order. It means you can always request the number of slices you need before placing the order.

  • Combo Pizzas
  • Cheese Pizzas
  • Pepperoni Pizzas
  • Mushroom Pizzas
  • Chicken Pizzas
  • Frozen Pizzas
  • Custom Pizzas
  • Variants Pizzas

Knowing the size is not enough. There are a few other factors that will help you consider about your ordering, particularly for a party, including-

  • Number of eaters
  • Age of the eaters
  • Appetite of the eaters
  • Toppings requested

Talking about the prices, it is surprisingly low for all sizes of Costco pizza.  Ans since it is budgetary, people prefer buying it for all occasions.

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Why Is Costco Pizza So Delicious?

How Many Slices In Costco Pizza?

Costco pizza is low in price but that does not make it low in quality. There are many people who are simply crazy fans of Costco pizzas. They are tasty yet cheap in value.

Every pie has the same size and the same weight.  The difference in the toppings makes it highly delicious and rich in taste.

The crust is uniformly baked on the skillet. The technique ensures an even baking for the bottom dough. The Costco pizza how many slices depends on the number of people and the age of the pizza eaters. It helps in deciding the size of the crust.

The magic in the ingredients mixes enhances the flavor of the Costco magic pizza all the more.

●     Baked on all sides uniformly

●     Filled with ingredients

●     Delicious toppings with cheese

●     Controlled baking time

frequently asked questions

Q1. How many people does a Costco pizza feed?

Ans1. 8 slices for 3-4 people, 12 slices for 10-12 people and 16 slices for 13-14 people. 8 & 12 slices are perfect for kids.

Q2. How big is a whole Costco pizza?

Ans2. The whole Costco pizza is 16-18 inches. 

Q3. Can I buy Costco pizza without a membership?

Ans3. You can buy Costco pizzas without membership at a cost of $10 and feed the whole family without much expense.

Q4. Pros and Cons Of Costco Pizzas

Ans4. Pros

  • Costco pizzas are inexpensive and you can feed a whole family just by spending $10.
  • These pizzas are full of toppings including cheese, pepperoni, and combo pizzas are all available
  • It is cooked as fast as 10 minutes


  • Membership of Costco costs $60 yearly
  • Nutritional value is quite low

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