How Many Slices In A Large Domino’s Pizza


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When it is about having the large dominos pizza, 12 slices are common. The largest pizza is estimated to be 12-14 in pieces. The cheesy goodness of the pizza crust offers 13.06 inches with a large domino’s pizza. 

The cost of this sumptuous domino’s large pizza slices is also not too high and thus it is a good idea to have a pizza party at night during the dinner time.

But before ordering for the right pizza, you must know how many slices in a large domino’s pizza are there.

Domino’s pizza holds the cheapest yet with most of the delicious pizzas in restaurants and food cafes.

Presently pizza is becoming one of the staple foods. And, that is the reason people are pouring in more and more to enjoy delicious pizzas for dinner and lunch anytime. 

The two small pizzas might have the same size as a large one.  The cost of every pizza varies in price, especially when there is a lot of cash that saves a lot of cash while it is about ordering for the best kind of pizza. The largest pizza at Dominos’s pizzas. 

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Exploring the pieces of large pizza dominos how many slices are highly in demand. The regular slice of the pizza is highly recommended among all pizza lovers. At times large pizzas are available for cheaper than 2 small pizzas bought separately. 

So, before you order a large Domino’s pizza, eaters will get something more valuable. When it is about a large pizza, the crust measures about 1.3 square inches of pizza and it will be about less than Rs. 100/-.

There are irresistible offers with additional pizzas working for one. Small pizzas come in a size range of 10 inches or 12 inches serving 3-4 pizza lovers. 

Know The Square Inches Of As Large Pizza 

how many slices in a large domino's pizza

In the pizzas which are ordered with larger sizes, it will contain about 153.9 square inches of the pizza.

The square inches in the pizza differs depending on the size and slices you are ordering the pizza for. 

If you are ordering for a crowd, the pizza will be bigger in shape and size while the others will be greater than a smaller one.

The domino’s pizza size inches measure good and you can order according to the people present there. 

Pizza Hut pizza: Know The Inches 

Large pizzas are 14 inches when it is about counting their diameter. But when it is about ordering pizzas from Pizza hut, it is best to order for 10 slices and sometimes it can go up to 12 slices. In a medium size pizza, the slices go up to 14-15 inches in diameter while the others cost little more. 

How Many Of Us Can Feed On Large Pizza 

In a large size pizza, about 12-14 people can eat easily if they eat one cliche of pizza per head count.

If they eat 2 pieces then you just order 1 big pizza and another medium sized pizza. It will completely fill their stomach completely. 

Small pizzas serve only 2 people while medium sized pizza feeds 8-9 people. And, when it is about large pizzas, they feed 12-14 people and for xxxl size pizzas, they can feed about 16 people at a time. 

Large Pizzas Are Really Big! Know Why 

how many slices in a large domino's pizza

A large pizza, the size of the pizza counts about 14 inches in terms of the diameter. This will cost upto rs. 290-380/- altogether. 

This in large restaurants when you order for pizza, they will ask you for how many people you are asking for the pizza. Jumbo sized pizzas offer a good collection all together. 

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Papa Gino Pizza Is An Extra Large Pizza but Why? 

When it is about ordering for papa gino extra large pizza, first know how many slices you are looking for from one single crust.

If there are more than 14 people, you can order the papa gino pizza. It is about 14 and the xl size comes in 16 slices. 

Know The Slices In Large Pizzas

  • In small pizzas you can get 4 slices out of 8-10 inch pizza crust
  • In medium size pizzas you get to eat 8-9 slices out of 12 inch crust 
  • In Large sized pizza you get to eat 14-15 slices and is 14 inches in size 
  • In extra large pizza you will get 16-18 slices with 16 inches diameter
  • Standard sized crust has about 14 to 18 inches with 8slices 
  • Rectangular pizza comes with 8 slices that can be cut into 12 sq pieces

Here’s The Average Size Of Pizza Slices

Average size of the slices of the pizza is estimated to be about 6-10 inches in length. Thus it is very important to order the pizza with the right strategy. And, when it is about the pizza person, it is about eating 4 slices from one pizza crust. 

What Is The Number Of Slices An Average Person Can Eat?

how many slices in a large domino's pizza

Suppose the pizza slices are from large size pizza, then you can eat 2 slices to fill the stomach. But if you are ordering for 2 people only, small sized pizza with 3-4 slices serves the best. 

But if you are ordering for a crowd, you must first know how many pizzas you are ordering from the crowd then only order for the pizza completely. 

Know How Long Will Large Pizza Stay

Pizzas can be stored for about 3-4 days inside the refrigerator. It can be stored for about 6 months in the freezer. 

If you want to enjoy better thawing and eating leftovers within 3-4 months. It is wrapped securely in the pack. 

You can put the leftovers in the airtight container so that bacteria does not accumulate on the surface of the pizza.

This will prevent the food from absorbing any kind of unpleasant odors while the refrigerator and the freezer offers good temperature for ideal conditions. 

Before placing the pizza slices in the airtight container along with the freezer bag that should be cooled down first and then put in the cover. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How many pizzas do I need for 30 adults?

Ans1. There is a need for 12 pizzas for 30 people in a group. To get an exact pizza count, it is best to use a pizza calculator for invitees or even a crowd. 

Q2. Is a medium pizza enough for two?

Ans2. A medium size pizza is more than enough for a couple of pizza lovers. It is better to order a small size pizza with 4 pieces than ordering for a big medium size. But, if there is a need for 8-10 slices, it is used to serve 3-4 people in a group. 

Q3. How much does a large Domino’s pizza cost?

Ans3. The lowest cost of a Domino’s pizza is Rs.99/- and the highest cost of the crust may go up to Rs 450/- on order. You can also order for the inch of crust to be prepared specially for you. 

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