What Is A Clean Cut Pizza? Explained In Detail.


by Georgia Bennett


Clean cut pizza, it means the customer is asking to chef use another cutter to cut pizza. It does not mean cooking pizza in a clean oven or making pizza a close shave. 

Some people may use the pizza cutter again and again. In some restaurants on weekends, it is full with customers. So the cutter can easily sticky and cheesy quickly. 

The restaurant may have a lot of cutters but cannot use a new cutter every time. Due to high demand among customers now it is in the option. Instead of using a cutter from the previous pizza, the cook will use the fresh blade to cut. It is a very standard practice that use by many restaurants to keep their pizza hygiene and also meet customers’ needs. 

Why Would You Want Clean Cut Pizza?

Why Would You Want Clean Cut Pizza

There are certain reasons that one can order this pizza. It is a matter of preference.  There is nothing wrong with using the same blade again and again unless the pizza restaurant maintained health protocols.

However, it no necessary to order clean-cut pizza every day.  . There are some reasons that you should order this.


When you have serious about cleanliness, clean-cut pizza is your choice.  Many restaurants are taking strong steps to make places safe.  This pizza is one more step toward precautions to prevent germs and not allow them to spread.

Personal belief

Another reason for using clean-cut pizza because of their personal or religious beliefs.  Some people order red meat and some order vegetarian pizza. So by ordering this pizza, they avoid old cutters which touched the non-vegetarian pizza.

 Normal Cut Vs Clean Cut

Basis of differenceNormal cut            Clean cut    
DefinitionIn the normal cut chef uses one cutter  for cutting every pizzaA clean cut pizza refers where customers demand for using fresh cutter to cut pizza.
Who can orderNormal cut can be order by anyone.The clean cut pizza is order by the customers who have different personal preferences or worried about the cleanliness.
PricesDo not make any difference in the priceThe clean cut pizza can bear extra costs.

Clean Cut Pizza And Health

Clean Cut Pizza And Health

A clean-cut pizza and health are co-related. There are many restaurants that offer different varieties of pizza for their customers.  Some customers may have allergies to pizza topics or any other ingredients like dairy products or sauces.

Therefore, it becomes an option for those who want to avoid allergies. In a normal restaurant, the chef uses a similar cutter to cut almost 50 types of pizza.

So by ordering it, the chef uses a fresh cutter for your pizza so you pizza cannot be touched by the older cutter. So clean-cut pizza become a popular method to overcome with all health issues.

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What About Different Kinds Of Cut?

Mainly there are five types of cut which use in pizza. The cut on the pizza is basically depended on the customer’s preference and needs. Following are the different kinds of cuts.

No Cut Pizza

It means there should be no cut over the pizza. Some customers might order no cut on the pizza because it all juices and make the crust soggy. It does not make too much difference but they make a huge difference with primo pies. 

Normal Cut Pizza

The normal cut pizza means the use of the same cutter on the last 50 pizzas in regular slices. Each pizza carries a different size so it depends on the diameter of the pizza. 

Square Cut Pizza

A square-cut pizza refers to the use of Romaine styles to cut the slices. In the method, all pizzas are cut into a square shape. It is considered as the best cut for the pizza. So the crust of pizza remains uniform in all slices. 

Clean Cut Pizza

A clean-cut pizza refers to the use of a different cutter for cutting pizza into slices. Typically one cutter can be used for several times. However, in recent times due to increased awareness about cleanliness, clean-cut pizza is an option. 

Double Cut Pizza

The double-cut pizza means cutting slices into two parts. Due to large size of the pizza, kids’ hands and mouths are not manageable. Due to double cut pizza cannot be wasted. 


What Is The Best Pizza Cut?

Square cut pizza refers to. Best pizza cut all the time. The little squares are easy to handle. The small pieces are manageable and easily fit on the plan of hands. In addition, the crust of the pizza doesn’t get wasted and is evenly distributed on each slice.

What Is A Half-Baked Pizza?

In the cooking a pizza generally takes 18-20 mins. In the half-baked pizza,  it is baked only for 9 mins and delivered to customers. So the remaining half will be baked by consumers. Many customers request such a type of pizza so they can enjoy hot pizza at home. It is a new concept for the customers so they can enjoy fresh, no-cut, and crusted pizza at home.

What Is Square Cut Pizza Called?

The square-shaped pizza is known as “tavern cut or party cut”. Because this method is born from pies slung in neighborhood taverns from pizzas delivered up to entertain or for party crowds. 

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