How Do You Think Poolish Pizza Dough Is The Best Treat? 


by Aniket Jain


Poolish pizza dough is one of the easiest ways to create not only a deep flavor profile but it creates an improved texture. Poolish pizza is better extensible and with the right structure. 

The sponge used in this is considered to be pre-ferment. It is one of the greatest ways just to reduce the yeast and make it half by making the food much more digestible. Using poolish for pizza is a simple technique that makes the best pizza possible with its actually ready and easy recipe. 

The ingredients used in this kind of poolish dough are freshly baked, farm-fresh with the most favorable by-products with the most gluten formation which finely occurred. This dough is of slow rise but makes it for a dramatic rise. 

But then what makes a pizza poolish base better than any other pizza? 

The answer lies in its making. The solid one is similar to a shorter fermentation time than the Biga. It brings in much crispiness with the regular alveoli. 

Going down memory lane, we can get to know that the Poolish pizza style came from the Polish bakers who introduced it in the 19th century. This technique was found on the way to France.  Thus the pizza gets its name. And, slowly it gained its name among the French bakers. 

What Is The Purpose Of A Poolish In Pizza Dough?

poolish pizza dough

Poolish is used in pizza to enhance the flavor and consistency of the dough. The poolish is the completely hydrated ratio of 1:1 water to flour/equal proportions), which provides the yeast with the perfect habitat. 

The poolish pizza makes a wonderfully active pizza dough. It can sound complicated, which is really too bad. This will make your experience less. Poolish is a kind of preferment or a starter that is used to prepare different doughs. 

The poolish recipe is traditionally prepared by making baguettes. Moreover, it can be used to prepare the best and most great pizza dough.

Baguettes can be made using poolish by many pizza experts. Then why not you try it also. It enables the yeast to become extremely active and create a wide variety of delicate yet complex flavors in the dough.

A preferred pizza is a simple mixture of water, flour, and yeast that is allowed to prove prior to being included in the main dough. The other ingredients are added to the preferment after it has proven for roughly 8 to 12 hours in order to create the final dough. 

What Makes People Fall For A Poolish Pizza Dough Recipes?

Although it takes 2-3 complete days to fully prepare the pizza. Learning how to make poolish is one of the go-to recipes when gourmet restaurant-style pizza is prepared at home. 

This worth’s a hundred and is considered to be a bubbly crust altogether giving the vito poolish recipe a complete dough recipe. Now let’s look into the recipe and the ingredients one by one.

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Basic Ingredients For Poolish Pizza Dough 

  • 00 flour (fine and low gluten content)
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Honey
  • Pizza dough-making flour
  • Yeast
  • All-purpose flour 
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Shredded cheese
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Finely chopped veggies
  • Chicken sausages (optional)

Tips For Making This Pizza Dough

  • Make sure the water you add is warm to make up for the cold addition
  • If your poolish is a little chilly after being pulled out of the fridge and you intend to use it right away.
  • Before adding the flour, combine the salt and water; this helps the salt distribute evenly throughout the dough.
  • The dough needs olive oil to prevent drying out or crusting as it rests
  • Start from the inside of the ball and work your way out to the crust to press the air out when flattening the dough into a circular shape so that your crust will be bubbly.
  • In essence, this works out to about 0.6g of instant dried yeast for 4 pizzas. We don’t need much because we are proofreading for such a long time, so this is a very small amount. 
  • The dough itself will need another eight to ten hours after the Poolish.

Tools Needs For Pizza Dough Making At Home 

poolish pizza dough
  • Digital Scale: You will need a digital scale which is the most important tool for making consistently good pizza from scratch at home.
  • Cups & Spoons: You will need to use measuring cups and spoons for accurately baking the pizza. This is consistent and thus offers great dough. 
  • Bench Scraper: This tool is used to pick the bits of the dough that is stuck on the counter and it is used to clean off the flour from the dough. 
  • Pizza Baking Sheet: With the greatest pizza indoors, the pizza baking sheet is used to produce pizzas with the crispiest crusts and thus the temperature plays an important factor in changing it. 
  • Pizza peel board made of Wood: The wooden pizza peel is used for launching the pizza properly. And, the most important purpose of using the pizza peel is to smash potatoes, crispy vegetables, and smash burger ingredients. 

Other Tools Required Are-

  • Silicone pizza containers
  • Scalable containers made of plastic 
  • Spoons and knives
  • Metal pizza peel for retrieving
  • Turning peel
  • Pizza wheel
  • Cast iron skillet
  • A food processor  

What Is The Difference Between Poolish vs Sourdough? 

Poolish pizza dough tastes like the most favorite restaurant that will feel bubbly, and chewy and create a perfect pizza oven that will also be cooked in the home oven. 

The preparation time for the polish pizza is 30 minutes but the resting time for the dough is much bigger and it is 15 hours 30 minutes to 16 hours. A sourdough is prepared from 00 flour and water to colonize wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria.

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What Are The Benefits Of Using Poolish For Pizza?

poolish pizza dough
  • If you are baking your pizza at home, start by preheating the oven and pizza stone for 20 to 30 minutes at 450°F
  • Place the pizza on the pizza stone after adding the toppings, and bake for 14 to 18 minutes, or until the dough is nicely browned.
  • With the help of this poolish pizza recipe, you can create the best-tasting fermented pizza at home in a matter of hours rather than the usual days. 
  • After 16 hours, your poolish starter is probably ready, and the only way to know for sure is to raise the lid and have a look. The poolish should be active and the fermentation should be well along when it is moist, spongy, and covered with lots of bubbles.

Protip: As a thumb rule, always use 0.2% of yeast as the baker’s percentage. Use just 1 small tub of yeast in its dried form. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What percentage of pizza dough should be poolish?

It is said that about 60-65% of the pizza dough should be poolish. This makes it a much-developed dough. 

2. What is the poolish method?

Poolish pizza is a leavening method for pizza dough making. It is considered to be in the indirect baking procedure. Poolish makes it mixed with water, yeast, and flour. 

3. Does Neapolitan pizza use poolish?

Poolish pizza is a preferred option for making Neapolitan pizza. Sourdough uses the wild yeast that is harvested from the flour itself. This dough takes time to extend the time for fermentation and finely improve the texture. 

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