It’s Time For Some Fresh Naan Bread Pizza Recipe 


by Aniket Jain


It is not possible to make any naan bread pizza recipe without naan. Once you know how to use mini or regular-sized pizza bread, you will love to have frequent dinners with naan bread pizza. It takes hardly 10 minutes to prepare a naan bread pizza recipe.  

Before you learn about how to make a naan pizza, you must know the number of calories that one pizza Margherita contains in it.

There are a total of 38 grams of total carbs with a net carb of 7 grams of fat and 10 grams of protein which is estimated to be about 260-280 calories. 

Naan bread is considered to be a healthier dense bread than pita or any kind of white bread when it may contain more carbs and sugar earning a reputation that is onerous amounts of protein with fiber. 

Why Do People Try Baking Naan Bread Pizza Recipes At Home?

Naan Bread Pizza Recipe

Naan bread pizza recipes are easy and quick recipes. It takes a total span of 10 minutes to get ready for a yummy and delicious dish. 4-5 naan bread pizza is perfect for the dish.

If you prefer using fluffy pizza bread for baking the pizza bread, it will be great, beautifully thick, and chewy. 

Pizza with naan bread is a softer flatbread with pita bread. The flavors are rightly added with the flour to make it tasty, softer, and healthier.

When you prefer using flatbreads, the taste enhances and since these are thin and unleavened, the pita and naan happen to be fluffier ways to treat the naan. 

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Ingredients Required For Making Pizza 

  • 4 Naan pizza bread 
  • Yogurt 
  • 1-2 packets of Milk
  • 2-3 scoops of Butter
  • 2-3 Eggs 
  • 1/2 cup Mozzarella cheese 
  • ¼ Parmesan cheese
  • 2 tablespoons 
  • 2-3 tbsp Freshly chopped basil
  • ½ Pizza sauce
  •  Add feta cheese
  • sun-dried tomatoes and kalamata olives 

Get Naan Bread Pizza Ready In 10 Minutes! 

  • Use a proper sauce to cook homemade pizza recipe with your favorite store-bought pizza
  • Add the toppings properly and sprinkle the shredded and sliced mozzarella for better taste with cheese. Italian blend of cheese is also quite permissible with naan bread toppings
  • Using the right spice will make your pizza taste good by adding freshly baked parmesan 
  • Add some freshly chopped pizza toppings to the recipe for naan bread pizza with the right red flakes and the spiciest feel 
  • You can also add veggies to make it healthier than just putting sauce and cheese on the crust plainly 

What Are The Ways To Add Flavor To Pizzas? 

Naan Bread Pizza Recipe

Naan Pizza topping ideas are rightly prepared with the best toppings ideas so that they taste well.

Sometimes combos are the right way to express good naan pizzas that go around for every pizza lover. 

1. Mediterranean Toppings: Adding kalamata olives with sun-dried tomatoes appears to be the right and delicious pizza toppings. 

2. Mexican-style pizza toppings: Adding the proper Mexican-style pizza with the diced tomatoes with diced jalapenos. 

3. Salad Toppings: Delicious toppings with the right salad ingredients makes the pizza bread taste heavenly. Using fresh spices can make your pizza taste better than you can expect. 

4. Freshly grated parmesan: The addition of the mozzarella which hardly has flavor before baking adds a salty, nutty flavor, and also melts within beautifully.

5. Oregano: Adding organic will work as an added flavor to your pizza bread. Alon with it add roasted veggies, sliced olives, and pepperoni with cooked Italian sausages to make it enhanced. 

Apart from this, you can also use-

  • Broccoli
  • Garlic
  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Arugula
  • Basil
  • Corn
  • Squash

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Helpful Cooking Tips

Naan Bread Pizza Recipe

1. Crispy crust advice: Pre-baking your naan can improve the crust even more. After baking for 3–4 minutes, gently remove from the oven, and top with sauce, cheese, and other toppings

2. Let the Cheese melt: Bake for 5–8 more minutes, or until the cheese has melted. Your pizza will have more texture and a less doughy flavor as a result.

3. Improve the healthiness: Replace normal naan with whole wheat naan if it is available at your local grocery store

4. Sauce Advice: Pizza sauce options include marinara, standard pizza sauce, and fire-roasted crushed tomatoes for a quick and flavorful meal

5. Preheat the Oven: It is best to preheat the oven at a high temperature of 400-425 F. And then place the pizza in the oven to see the crust turn golden brown

6. Bake properly: For 8-10 minutes you will need to bake the oven rack so that the crust turns golden brown and the pizza bread becomes softer from within

7. Serve in Slices: Once you are done with the pizza crust, you must slice and serve the pizza with the fresh basil and cheese with dried oregano along with red pepper flakes and garnish the crust with butter and other toppings to get it in good taste.

8. Cook the pizza dough at home: Use naan bread as the crust in the simple naan pizza recipe with enjoying the delicious and fast weeknight meal

Protip:  It is wise to pair and personalize the naan bread pizza recipe with a tangy soup.  It is best to add veggies to the soup to make the pizza taste great with fresh flavor and make it an effortless food on the whole. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can naan dough be used as pizza dough?

The dough is what makes the key difference. If the naan dough is preheated for 20-25 minutes, the top of the cheese turns golden brown. 

2. Is naan healthier than bread?

Naan is a much healthier option compared to pizza bread. It contains more carbs and sugars and earns the face of being fit with a relatively generous amount of fiber and good food for those looking for weight loss. 

3. How long do you put naan bread in the oven?

In order to prepare the naan dough for pizza, you will have to wrap it in foil and then preheat it at a high temperature of 400’ F in an oven and at an estimated amount of 5-6 minutes. 

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