How To Season A Pizza Stone- 6 Simple Steps


by Tyler Forbes


Seasoning a Pizza needs steps of preparation. If you are looking for step-by-step guide on how to season a pizza stone, read this article ahead.

What Exactly Is A Pizza Stone?

A pizza stone is a tool that helps a chef to take the preparation of pizza to the next level. It is about one inch thick. Before you move ahead, you need to understand what exactly you should do to season a pizza stone.

With the pizza stone one can help you get the best pizza prepared at home completely hassle-free.

Pizza stones are flat pieces of unglazed clay. They are meant to fit in the oven. Thus, their size is equal to the standard oven rack.

They do not need preseason with oiling to avoid sticking during the cooking process inside the oven.

Why Should You Season Your Pizza Stone?

For those who are new to the preparation of pizza, they must first understand the need to season your pizza stone? Before the preparation starts, one should season a pizza stone and then proceed with further steps.

But, have you ever wondered upon why is there the need to seasoning a pizza stone?Experts opine that seasoning a pizza extends the longevity of the pizza stone.

If the pizza stone is oiled properly it will speed up the process of making the pizza. It will not ruin fresh, delicious, homemade pizza easily. Apart from this a nonstick surface is far easier to clean.

How To Season A Pizza Stone

Remember, it depends on the style of cooking that gives you the liberty to enjoy freshly cooked food.

And, when it is about pizza, there is no chance to take risk. It has to be fresh, delicious and perfect to eat.

The very first step to taste a tasty pizza is to go for seasoning a pizza stone. And, seasoning a stone hardly means you need to add extra oil, spices like thyme or basil.

The first thing that comes to mind while seasoning a pizza stone is to oil the stone. In this case the olive oil happens to be the crowd favourite.  Now let us see what are the ingredients we will need to season a pizza stone?


  • A thick pizza stone for seasoning & a lint-free cloth
  • Freshly cooked veggies, sausages, cheese, oregano & olive oil
  • Make use of other seasoning for enhancing the taste of the pizza stone
  • Make use of an Oven to prepare a tasty pizza

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STEP BY STEP GUIDE To Season A Pizza Stone

STEP-1- Clean Your Pizza Stone & Pat It Dry

Firstly, you should make sure that the pizza stone is clean and dry. Nobody wants to eat or season a wet pizza.

It makes no sense, isn’t it? And, you likely have heard about seasoning a pizza stone, especially if you have just brought a brand new one.

If it is not cleaned it is not going to work properly or else while the pizza making is on process, one will experience the dust particles and grime standing on the pizza stone absorbing the oil.

STEP 2- Oil Your Pizza Stone

The very next question that has been done multiple times is- Should I oil my pizza stone? It is best to oil your pizza stone before you start with the pizza preparation with full force.

There are multiple options when it comes to oil. You can use olive oil as it speeds up the process of cooking and it is essential also.

For seasoning a pizza stone, using olive oil is the crowd’s favourite. It enhances the taste of the pizza and blends with the veggies and dough quite well.

STEP 3- Spread The Oil Equivalently

The very next step in seasoning a pizza stone is to oil the stone well. Use the same cloth for massaging the oil on the pizza stone. And make sure that the cloth is perfectly clean and pat dry.

  • Use a circular motion to ensure the penetration of the oil into the pizza stone
  • Once the whole pizza stone is doused with equal spreading of the oil, it will start penetrating

STEP 4- Heat The Oven And the Pizza Stone

  • Turn on the Oven and preheat the Pizza Stone
  • Use a minimum temperature of 400-450F but 500F is better if possible
  • Prebaking the pizza stone will help in preparing a tasty pizza crust

STEP 5Bake the Pizza Stone at Its Desired Temperature

  •    Bake the pizza stone with oil in the oven
  • Once the Oil is baked, transfer the pizza stone inside the cold oven setting it between 550F-600F
  • Once the oven is turned on and reached the desired temperature, allow the pizza to be baked for 30-40 minutes

STEP 6- Repeat Full process

  • Keep the Pizza stone with all seasoning and cheese and allow it to cook properly
  • Since the pizza stone is nonstick, it will have a nonstick appearance
  • Once the pizza is finally cooked, take it out of the oven
  • The pizza will show a dark brown color with burnt appearance
  • If you don’t notice it after the first round, you may repeat the steps atleast for 4-5 times
  • Turn off the oven and give the stone plenty of time to cool down  

And that’s it: you are good to go. Enjoy your tasty pizzas. Sealed pizza stone will give you a nonstick. There is no hassle cooking surface from the start.  

What Is The Basic Difference Between Pizza Stone Vs Pizza Pan?

Both pizza stones and pizza pans have a place in my kitchen, but if you are new to the pizza making game, deciding between the two can be difficult.

A pizza stone is superior to a pizza pan for cooking pizza. Here’s a difference between Pizza stone Vs Pizza Pan that can enlighten your knowledge and help you.

Pizza stones are preheated for hours before use and begin cooking the pizza as soon as the dough touches the stone, resulting in a perfectly crispy crust.

Pizza pans, on the other hand, require several minutes to heat up before beginning to cook the crust, resulting in a less crispy pizza.

DurabilityCan Break if heated high More Durable & Reliable
Taste of PizzaFinely baked in terms of crustTakes too long to bake and taste is mild
Heat ResistanceHolds more heatHolds lesser heat
SurfaceRough SurfaceSmooth Surface


Q1. How to transfer pizza to stone?

Ans1. You can transfer the pizza to stone with a slow gesture. All you can do is to slide the pizza gently after seasoning the crust. Once it is done, the pizza allows in catching the heat.

Q2. How to use a pizza stone with frozen pizza?

Ans2. While heating the frozen pizza on pizza stone, you can best choose to heat it in the microwave. Depending on the size of the pizza and the crust, it would take around 5-10 minutes to get ready.

Q3. How to clean ooni pizza stone?

Ans3. In order to clean the ooni pizza stone, it is best to cool down the same after use. Later scrub off the leftover particles from the stone and use a pizza brush and wipe to clean the stone. You can also use a damp rag to clean it off completely.

Q4. How do you prepare a pizza stone?

Ans4. Follow these simple steps to prepare a pizza stone-

  • Put stone in oven
  • Turn the Oven on
  • Let stone heat up
  • Bake the pizza
  • Remove pizza from the stone
  • Cool down the pizza stone

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