A Guide On How To Roll Out Pizza Dough 


by Elena Mill


There are multiple ways to roll out pizza dough. Pizza makers can use their hands to roll the dough with a roller, use a rolling pin, roll pizza dough with a wine bottle if any at home.

But the best way to roll out pizza dough is to use a hand and then press the rolling pin with some flour. 

But it is not important that every time you will have a rolling pin to press the dough. All you will require is to grease the elbow and create a flat surface.

By using the hands you can easily flatten the pizza surface. This will be great indeed and have the mark of genuineness of being homemade pizza dough rolling. 

Learn About Baking Roll Pizza Dough With A Rolling Pin 

It is an incredible experience to bake the pizza with the three ingredients including loaves of pizza bread, pizza flour for doughs and cakes. With goodness the preparation comes with delicious masterpieces. 

If you are not sure about how to roll pizza dough, this tutorial guide will be your mentor all throughout.

Use a rolling pin to stretch the dough easily and give better results. When you are ready to make your pizza dough, make it into balls that can make you ready to start rolling. 

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What To Prepare Using Instead Of Rolling Pin? 

how to roll out pizza dough

Suppose you are not having a rolling pin, you can easily use a wine bottle to give the dough the desired shape.

The wine bottle is having the best rolling shape like a pin that will allow you to create the round pizza crust. 

You can place the dough on the flat surface and look for some good flour before rolling it. Then press down on the dough with the back of the spoon to roll the pizza out and prevent it from getting stuck. 

Can I Use A Hand To Roll Pizza Dough? 

Pizza lovers can easily prepare the pizza dough using their hand. Once the dough is rolled according to the thickness that it needs, use the knife and pizza cutter to cut off the perfect shape. 

If you use your hand to roll out the pizza, you will have to stretch the edges and make it perfect.

Thus you can hold off the edge of the disc with the other hand with quick lift the disc flipping it over. The bottom edge rests on the right wrist. 

Store-bought pizzas have an even shape and it is certainly convenient. It is not nearly as satisfying as making a dough from scratch. It is pretty easy to make and looks cute. 

Sometimes it happens that the dough fights back and refuses to stretch. You will have to lay it flat on the counter and let it rest for 10-15 minutes so that it loosen up and give you the chance to stretch the dough. 

The dough is filled with little gas pockets that will make you help cook the pizza dough properly. Thus baking becomes easier, far from the traditional way of baking the pizza. 

Can I Roll Pizza Dough Without Shrinking?

how to roll out pizza dough

The first rule of making a pizza dough is to be very polite with it and never over-stress the pizza dough or else it will become bad.

Suppose you have tried to roll out a pizza dough but it is shrinking back on itself, you need to get a perfect dough. 

  1. Take a room temperature dough 
  2. Let the dough sit for 30 minutes
  3. Use a rolling pin to slightly cut out the diameter of the desired crust
  4. Prevent the dough from shrinking out 
  5. With even strokes, prevent the dough from shrinking it 
  6. Roll it out when you are ready with it 

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What Process Of Rolling Out Pizza Dough Is Popular? 

Before you know about the process of pizza dough how to roll out you must learn about the rolling pin. So, a rolling pin is considered to be a kitchen utensil that is used to roll out the dough for the pies as well as the pizzas. 

The pizza dough is difficult to work with the handles at each end. Pizza dough is difficult to bake if it is not properly baked. You can cook it easily if you mix well. 

Making homemade pizza dough tastes much better. It is prepared and stretched correctly with the top tips that say how to roll out the pizza dough with the rolling pin. 

What Is The Process To Roll Out Pizza?

The best place to stretch the dough is by using your hands. The first step on rolling out pizza dough begins with the dough by letting it sit at room temperature for almost 25-30 minutes. This releases the gluten and avoids the pizza dough getting chewy and stretchy.

  • Warm up the dough after cleaning the surface
  • Use olive oil to grease the surface & press it on
  • Fetch the rolling pin to prepare the pizza 
  • Put the dough on the oven to let it cook 

Protip: You can roll the pizza dough without a rolling pin. It is best to use a wine bottle if you do not have a rolling pin. All you will need is to clean it off. It will give you the right replacement for making one. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is it better to roll pizza dough cold or room temp?

Ans1. Yes it is easy to store pizza dough at room temperature but putting it in the fridge will make it rise. Once it is risen, you can easily use it for your next pizza dinner. 

Q2. How do you flatten out pizza dough?

Ans2. You can flatten the pizza dough using a rolling pin or even a wine bottle. You will not even require the flour to manage it. 

Q3. Is it better to roll or stretch pizza dough?

Ans3. It is seen that rolling a pizza dough is the best thing than making it stretched with hands. It will make the crust thicker and fluffier. It is best to create great results by rolling and stretching out a pizza dough. 

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