How To keep Pizza Warm In Oven?- 8 Easy Ways


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At an ideal temperature of 150-170 degree Fahrenheit, you can keep the pizza warm inside the oven. Warming the pizzas at a temperature between 140-150 F is recommended. For a healthy pizza eating.  This content is all about how to keep pizza warm in oven in box.

A cold pizza can ruin its crispy crust, soft and tender interior, and tasty hot toppings. Now is the time to pull out your notebook and jot down the following tips to avoid mistakes next time.

What Is The Ideal Temperature To Keep Pizza Warm?

If we want to know about the ideal temperature to keep pizza warm in oven in box, it is available at a lowest degree possible. At an ideal temperature of 150-170 degree Fahrenheit, you can place the box inside the oven.

how to keep pizza warm in the oven

In most cases, experts suggest warming the pizzas around 200’ F and between 140-150 F. if you prefer keeping the pizza warm in the pizza box, you have to lower the temperature in the best way.

Before you think about how long can you keep pizza warm in the oven, you must know about ways to keep the pizza warm in oven. While reheating, a temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit is highly recommended. This ensures that your pizza does not get burnt.

Pizza is perishable, you should never keep it at room temperature for more than 2-3 hours or else it will start to get ruined. Just for food safety, you need to store the pizza leftovers in a proper way.

Top 8 Ways For Keeping Pizza Warm In Oven

how to keep pizza warm in the oven

Whether you make pizza at home with a pizza oven or order pizza delivery, the following tips will come in handy. Here are top ways in which we can work ahead to keeping pizza warm in oven.

Aluminum Foil  

Aluminum foil is the classic method to keep pizza warm. It offers a thin sheet of aluminum that is extremely malleable and flexible. This foil keeps the moisture retain back in the food.

  • Wrap the pizza in foil and bake at 400degrees Fahrenheit
  • Bake the pizza for 5-6 minutes
  • Turn the Oven On
  • Reheat the pizza that has already gone cold

Pizza Stone

The pizza stones are made of natural materials; their thermal conductivity differs from that of more traditional metal baking sheets. Pizza stone is a cooking tool found in every pizza pantry.

  • Put the pizza stone for 30 minutes
  • Keep the pizza warm before you deliver it out of the box
  • Maintain the temperature of 200’ F or 180 Celsius

Skillet Or Frying Pan

The frying pan or skillet is still a popular way to heat up a few pizza slices, especially for those who do not have access to an oven. You can also use it if your oven is incapable of handling all of your pizzas.

It is indeed a great method for heating without an oven. If the temperature goes beyond control, you may end up burning it immediately. Be very careful before you start heating the pizza or else you may end up with a soggy pizza.

  • Heat the Pan
  • Heat the Pizza
  • Pour few drops of water into the pizza pan


The microwave is the most traditional method for reheating pizza. While it won’t get your crust as crispy, it will perfectly melt your cheese. It tenderizes the pizza crust and makes it chewy. To avoid this, simply place a small bowl of water on top of the plated pizza. The water will evaporate as the pizza cooks, preventing the crust from becoming chewy.

  • Wrap the pizza in an aluminum foil and put in the wave
  • Preheat the oven
  • You need temperature of 340-400 F
  • Wait for 10-25 minutes
  • Your Pizza is ready

Insulated Bag

Insulated bags are multi-layered with thick foam. Insulated bags are great while travelling. They aren’t designed to keep the pizza warm for long. Suppose you plan to use it for above one hour, you should think about another method. This method is perfect in ways to how to keep pizza warm at a party.

  • Use Blankets/ Towels
  • Use Coolers
  • Wrap two bricks with foil paper

Baking Sheet

Place the pizza slices on the baking sheet, leaving some space between them. After that, lightly mist the slices with water. Keeping the pizza warm in the inverted baking sheets is an easy way. You only need to flip it over and cease the slices from falling down.  

  • Use the baking sheet at 150 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Preheat the sheet with some oil to sear the pizza crust
  • Cheese melts and the crust offers a crispy taste

Additional Tips

  • Use a Toaster Oven

Using an oven thermometer in the toaster oven, tells us how hot your oven is, is a great way to keep pizza warm in the oven. Inserting one will tell you if your preheating time is correct as well as the actual temperature of the oven.

As long as your pizza is no larger than 10 inches in diameter, you can use tortilla warmers to keep it warm.

  • Place the Pizza In the Toaster Oven
  • Peel off the Foil paper
  • Switch On the Oven
  • Check the thermometer
  • Use a Pizza Warming Tray

A pizza warming tray keeps hot pizzas warm on the table or in the kitchen. It has a detachable wire rack that holds the pizza and allows it to be served directly onto plates. A tray can also be used to serve other items like garlic bread and vegetables as a buffet.

  • Set the heat at lower temperatures
  • Warming trays come with slightly rounded edges
  • Adjust the warming tray at a temperature of 120-150 F for safer warming procedure

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to keep pizza warm without an oven?
Ans1. Follow these steps to keep the pizza warm without an oven-

  • Use a nonstick pan, preferably one made of stainless steel
  • Place the pan over high heat, add the pizza, and heat for 2 minutes
  • Wait until the bottom is crispy but not burnt
  • After that, put a lid on the pan and keep it covered

Q2. What are ways that I can store leftover pizza?
Ans2. Follow these guidelines to store the leftover pizza-

  • Line paper towels on Airtight Containers
  • Keep the lid covered
  • Put the Pizza in the fridge
  • Put the Pizza in a Tupperware
  • Wrap the Pizza tightly and store it

Q3. Can you put pizza box in oven?
Ans3. It is advised not to put the pizza boxes into the oven in order to keep pizza warm in oven. Some say that the boxes will not catch fire unless they reach the temperature over 400+ degrees. For this way, you need to set your oven at the lowest temperature and slide your pizza, still in its box, onto the middle rack.

Q4. How long can you keep a pizza in the oven to keep warm?
Ans4. The oven will keep the pizza hot for 3 hours. We recommend warming pizzas in temperature around 200’F. You can also keep the box at 140-150’ F.

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