A Complete Guide: How To Cut A Pizza Into 7 Slices 


by Aniket Jain


In order to learn about how to cut the pizza into 7 slices, you will have to cut the pizza crust from the top to bottom and then from side to side so that they make equal halves. 

There should be perpendicular cuts of 3 cuts to make 7 slices and moving towards the center the slices should go down and you should eat one piece so you will have 7 pieces together. 

Next, you will have to remove one piece and slice the remaining ingredient quadrant into half so that it makes 7 slice pizza with equal halves. It is best to put a toothpick in the pizza crust to know whether it is cooked from within or not. 

Therefore it is important that you should know how to divide the pizza before you learn how to cut a pizza into 7 slices. Splitting the pizza equally is one of the biggest tasks ever. You should bake a pizza keeping in mind the headcount of people coming to the pizza party. 

When it is about a pizza recipe the first thing that comes to mind is that everyone should eat an equal share. Pizza is indeed a delicious snack and the toppings used on it should be finely chopped to make 7 slices with 3 cuts and used so that things should not be the same each time. 

Using something that makes you feel good about it is important. Suppose there are 6 people in a group and you are ordering a pizza, it is best to order for an XL size where there will be equal 6 slices of the crust. If there are 7 people also, it could still be done.  

What Are The Tools And Materials Required? 

how to cut a pizza into 7 slices
  • A guide for Pizza Cutting
  • A wheel for making Pizza 
  • Knife for cutting pizza slices 
  • Cutting tray for keeping pizza 
  • Cutting blade to cut pizza 
  • A clean towel to keep the base clean off the plate 
  • Pizza lifter for all slices and learn how to slice a pizza into 7

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Interesting Facts Of How To Cut A Pizza Into 7 Slices

  • Pick The Preferred Tool: Settle down with the cutting tools and a knife appears to be the most accessible option. A pizza cutting tool is one of the best tools for this. 
  • Getting prepared with the tool prepared: Whichever tool you need to pick, the baker must ensure to commit to best practices throughout the pizza easily. 
  • Use a good sharpening tool/pizza cutter: Regardless of the cutting tool, you must never look for ways that can keep your pizza perfect. This is the most popular tool you have expected. 
  • Use a Pizza protractor: This is another popular tool that can help in building the pizza into a perfect slice of 7 pieces. And you can get it at any outlet that can keep you ready all around. It helps in cutting the pizza into equal halves. 

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Step By Step Guide About How To Cut 7 Slices Of Pizza

  • Prepare the pizza dough and use the required ingredients 
  • Once your dough is ready, you must look into its settling down
  • The knife should be prepared for cutting the pizza into 7 slices 
  • You must make a slice once the pizza is placed on top of the slab
  • It is wise to use a pizza protector to mark the pizza well into equal pieces
  • A sharp cutting tool ensures a very smooth movement for both forward and backward action,
  • It can reduce the pace at which the cheese adheres to the cutting tool
  • Do not allow it to cool down the tray before you can slice it along with choppin blades. 

Important Tips/Points To Consider When How To Cut A Pizza Into 7 Slices

how to cut a pizza into 7 slices
  • Prepare the pizza cutting tools much before: You will have to prepare the pizza by entering the oven with the materials that are to be ready for the action. Thus you must wash the tools before you put the pizza on the big plate. 
  • Timely cutting: The next important step is to cut the pizza properly. Thus you need to remove the pizza from the oven’s hot temperature and limit the cheese sticks on the blade.  
  • Individual or group pizza: if you are looking for baking and make a delicious pizza, friends and family would always like the bites as possible. 
  • Clean the Cheese Stick: The blade is blocked with cheese, and since it is sticky you need to deliver efficient operation going forward. With a clean towel, you must clean off the cheese so that it looks good in its complexion. 

Protip: Always cut the pizza vertically and should cut it into two equal halves. There can be a share of the slices decided per person and learn about how do you cut a pizza into 7 slices with the help of a cutting tool. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you cut a pizza into 6 slices?

Pizza makers can cut the slices into 6 pieces along the edge. The next is to draw the lines that will divide half of the pizza into the right sections making sure that the sections are highly recommended. 

2. How do you cut a pizza into 8 pieces with 3 cuts?

If you cut the equal parts of the pizza you will have to apply the 3 cust skill. First, you will have to cut the horizontal cut with the most vertical cut. 

3. How many slices are in a pizza pie?

In a pizza pie, there are about 8 slices of pizza pie. The standard round pizza holds 8 slices of pizza allowing a complete reasonable distribution of 2-3 slices per person in a group of four. 

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