How To Clean Ooni Pizza Stone? Check Here


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Before you clean off the ooni pizza stone, first you will have to scrub off the food particles and cool down the stone first.

Once you will have to clean the stone along the damp rag before storing it. Remember not to submerge the pizza stone within water or any kind of cleaning liquid. This will ruin the quality of the pizza stone.

Apart from this it will also have an adverse effect on the next pizza and its flavor you plan to prepare on it. 

You will have to know how to clean ooni Pizza Stone for several hours in order to get better storing of the pizza.

This post will help in deciding the benefits of using the pizza stone. But then how you will clean the pizza stone using the equipment. 

  • Blunt table knife to check the base of the pizza
  • Metal Spatula 
  • Plastic Spatula 
  • Dough Scraper 
  • ooni pizza brush stone
  • Toothbrush
  • Scouring pads 
  • Sandpaper to soak the extra oil 
  • Damp cloth to clean the stone 

Once you know that you are all set for the cleaning session. If you use the blunt knife, you will have the instance of removing the leftover pizza leftovers. 

If you talk about ooni, it is a flamboyant with eccentric long hair on it. Using a brush to clean the pizza stone is one of the easiest ways that can reduce the hard work to clean the pizza stone from scratch. 

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Cleaning of the ooni pizza stone is essential for making a pizza safely. It is also a crucial part for making the oven properly.

A pizza stone will help in handling the handle very carefully. It is also helpful if you heat up the pizza stone before cleaning it. This will help you scrape off the dirt very easily. 

Pizza stones are all kept in the oven during baking the pizza breads and make it a fantastic thing to enjoy pizza.

Pizza stones are more crispy at the bottom of the crust. Thus it is more effective with the conduction of heat than a regular pan. 

Allow a heat-conducting cooking pan, you may not need a pizza stone. Pizza stones should never be allowed to stick to the end.

Thus it is very important to understand the high temperature that should be there for 40-45 minutes.

You will need to catch up the stains of the pizza stone and then clean burnt pizza stone first for better use of the stone.

Pizza stones are porous in nature. The coarse sponge will help in removing the stone from the oven by scrubbing it gently. 

Pizza Stone Cleaning Process

how to clean ooni pizza stone

If you are looking for the cleaning ooni pizza stone that you use to cook the pizza pies.

Suppose you mix vinegar splashes around 2-3 teaspoons of baking soda, you will reach a paste-like consistency in order to scrub the molds by using the brush. 

  • The first step is to remove the debris from the food. Thus you will have the brush and thus clean off the food all along with the dirt on the rack
  • Second step is to clean the rack and offer with hot water along with soap 
  • Dry the rack with air-frier if available with the air dry and low setting so that the pizza happens to be in good state  
  • Never use the heat and damage the grill rack and set the grease
  • Rinse off the soap with that of the warm water to make sure that the grill keeps in a good condition 
  • Once the stone is completely dry, you can use it for preparing the same 

How To Remove Pizza Stains From An Ooni Pizza Stone

Suppose the pizza lovers are using the pizza stone, stains on the pizza stone is very common. It allows getting the stains off of the pizza stone is actually easy. 

  • You can start scraping off any kind of large pieces of the food as well as the debris accumulated on the stone using the blunt knife and metal spatula. 
  • The next step is to soak a cloth in the hot water by washing the cloth so that it is damp but never drips wet. 
  • Carefully it is place to cloth in hot water with addition of the dishwashing liquid to it
  • Leave the place very clean and dry with the rinse off the stone with hot water
  • Finally you will have to clean and dry pat the stone off the towel 

Can You Wash Your Ooni Pizza Stone?

Yes you can clean the ooni pizza stone with a quick wipe. The stone slowly cools down and then occasionally keeps cleaning with a quick wipe.

The stone will completely dry off. The black substance of the pellet hopper or the chimney alongside with good scrub, warm water and soap. 

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How Do I Deep Clean My Ooni Pizza Stone?

how to clean ooni pizza stone

You can deep clean the OONI pizza stone by scraping the spatula and the brush. The scrub of the clean ooni pizza stone will wipe off the paste and  the stains.

Next you will allow the stone to dry off completely. The food debris on the stone runs off the top temperature for almost 30-35 minutes.  

How Do You Clean A Sticky Pizza Stone?

In order to clean the sticky pizza stone, you will have to clean the surface and then wipe off the leftovers that are stuck on the pizza stone.

You can also use some portion of baking soda and also warm water in a bowl. Next you will have to mix it together until the paste is formed. 

Can I Soak A Pizza Stone In Water?

It is advised by the experts never to submerge the stone in the water instead of the stone.

But once the pizza stone cools off completely, you will need to bake the food on to dry brush the plastic scraper alongside the damp cloth to get the stains. 

How Do You Clean A Ceramic Pizza Stone?

You will have to remove the pieces of food bits leftovers and scrap them away from the spatula as well as the brush.

Then you will have to make the paste of equal parts with the water and also the baking soda. You can scrap and apply stains on the paste. Next allow the pizza stone to completely dry. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do you need to season the OONI pizza stone?

Ans1. You can use paper to season an ooni stone before using it. And, seasoning a pizza stone is important before you put it into making pizza. 

Q2. Can you use olive oil on a pizza stone?

Ans2. Drizzle the bit of virgin oil onto the edge for making the dough crispier in the crust. baking  the crust into a deep golden brown is easy now.  

Q3. Do you flour or oil a pizza stone?

Ans3. It is important to flour the pizza stone so that it does not burn into the lowest shelf on the oven. The lowest flame on the pizza can sprinkle and flame it into a conscious work surface. 

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