How Many Pizzas For 30 People? Full Guide


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 For a crowd of 30 people, there is a need for 12-13 pizzas. It is a sufficient crowd appetizer.

This number might sound strange but there is a particular number of pizzas that is possible to understand only through the formula that one uses to create a proper amount. And, the pizza rule is ⅜ which is followed while serving the adults at a regular mealtime.   

What To Do While Ordering For Adults Vs. Kids? 

How Many Pizzas For 30 People

If you are not able to understand the average pizza size, it is best to take the help of the pizza calculator which can help you with the right strategy. 

Adults can eat 3-4 slices of pizza whereas kids can eat almost 1-2 if they are big fans of pizzas. If you are willing to increase the estimate, make sure that you know the people invited to the party.

If you are ordering it for the kids, you can assume that they will eat 2-3 slices and if it is for the adults, they will eat 3-4. 

If you are ordering pizza for a party, you can easily fine-tune that figure by considering household eating habits. Thus you can throw back slice after slice. Moreover, the appetite level is also important. 

If you are looking for how many slices of pizza, before that you must know how many people are invited to the party.

You can order the toppings with just half of the pizza which can maximize the total toppings. Therefore don’t miss counting the heads before ordering.

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What Are Slice To Pizza Size Ratio

The size of the pizza is a huge variable when it is to order the pizza. Thus the small pie to the extra-large pizza helps in including the number of slices that come in each size. 

  • Small pizza ranges from 8 to 10 inches with almost 6 slices
  • Medium-sized pizza comes in 8 slices 
  • Large pizza ranges from 14-16 inch pizza with 8 slices
  • Extra-large pizza ranges from 16-18 inch pizza with almost 8-12 slices 

It is said that the average pizza usually comes in 8 slices no matter what size it contains due to the slices. 

How Many Slices Of Pizza Per Person?

How Many Pizzas For 30 People

It depends on the number of people in a group who are participating in the pizza party. If you are not sure about how much you should count for slices per person, then make sure that you keep a head count of adults as well as kids. 

This is important because they are the major factors when it comes to pizza orders as they tend to eat less than the average group of adults eating pizza. 

  • Adults: 2-3 slices per person
  • Kids: 1-2 slices per person 

What Makes It A Good Option To getting 2 Medium Or 1 Large Pizza?

Depending on the standard of pizza sizes, you can order 2 medium 12-inch pizzas that will give you more pizza than one 14-inch large pizza.

Thus, ordering 2 medium 12-inch pizzas seems to be a better deal as it comes down to simple math. 

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What Affects The Quantity You Prefer For the Pizza?

How Many Pizzas For 30 People

Pizzas affect the quantity one can eat depending on the toppings that are used and the style that has been ordered.

Therefore you will need to be cautious about the toppings and size that your guests prefer eating apart from the head counts coming to the pizza party. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many people does a large pizza feed?

On average, a large pizza is likely to feed 5-6 people. And, if you are ordering a pizza party for kids, you can expect that the pizza will be sufficient for 9-10 kids in a group. 

2. How many XL pizzas do I need for 30 adults?

Suppose the crowd is too big, consisting of 30 adults in the crowd, and you are planning to order a large pizza, then order 12-13 pizzas. 

3. How many pizzas do I need for 18 people?

You will need almost 7 pizzas for 18 people. Apart from this, you can also order the best option in catering as well as help in dining with your favorite sausages and pepperoni styles. 

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