How Long Does Pizza Dough Last In The Fridge?


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Pizza dough can be refrigerated for at least 3 days and up to 5 days if properly preserved. Fresh pizza dough has a short shelf life and must be maintained properly to preserve its freshness and longevity.

Unawareness of proper storage practices might result in fresh dough going sour and becoming unworkable.

 In addition, it can make you sick, which is the last thing anyone wants when preparing homemade pizza dough.

Today, we will go into the fermentation process of producing dough, how to tell when it has gone bad, and how long pizza dough can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer.

 Does Refrigerated Pizza Dough Go Bad?

 Yes, pizza dough becomes nasty during the fermentation when left for far too long and gets too fermented, similar to sourdough. This results in a pizza dough that lacks structure and is flat.

Additionally, pizza dough turns rotten if left at room temperature for too long. If the dough is not kept in the refrigerator or freezer, it will develop a strong yeast odor, and hazardous germs will begin to thrive.

 Once the dough has been molded into balls and stored in the refrigerator for 5 days, it can become sticky and discolored. You may even observe a crust forming around the dough or a gray hue.

 How To Freeze Pizza Dough?

How Long Does Pizza Dough Last In The Fridge?

 Figure out how to freeze Pizza Dough. It is prudent to create a double or triple batch so that you can freeze half of the dough for future pizza cravings.

 Here are two ways to freeze homemade pizza dough using freezer-safe zip containers or Tupperware.

 Any pizza dough can be frozen for a large pizza or individual pizzas. The dough can be frozen for three to four months and defrosted overnight before use.

 Ziploc or Freezer Bag Method: Place the dough in a deep, oiled baking pan with room to expand.

Cover the pan with plastic wrap and chill it overnight for cold fermentation. After the pizza dough has been frozen, place each piece in a separate freezer zip bag or food saver bag.

 Tupperware Containers: The bottom and edges of your Tupperware containers should be lightly oiled.

Place pizza dough in containers, cover, and chill overnight (so there is no need to transfer it later), then move containers to the freezer.

 Tupperware Containers:

 The 5 Best Ways To Check If Your Pizza Crusts And Dough Have Expired

 Pizza crusts and dough possess physical “tells” that indicate they are past their prime and may perform poorly:

A sour fragrance

Decreased texture

A particularly dry texture and look.

A gray hue or specks indicate dead yeast activators, damaged cell structure, or freezer burn.

Controlling your pizza crusts and dough inventory to ensure top-quality pies may be futile if you do not pay attention to proving.

 Guidelines For Gauging Pizza Dough Freshness

 So, how long can pizza dough be stored in the refrigerator? Keeping an eye on the calendar is the most efficient approach to monitoring crust and dough freshness. We offer the following guidelines for estimating maximum service life:

Live dough goods should be consumed within 120 days of the manufacturing date (180 days maximum)

Within 180 days after the date of production, par-baked goods are at their peak freshness (365 days maximum)

Use dough balls within 90 days if frozen (maximum of 180 days) and within 2 to 4 days if refrigerated.

One last remark about timing: Providing you prefer to preserve crusts and dough for their respective maximum shelf lives, there is no risk to food safety if you follow proper pie preparation practices. Nevertheless, the quality will undoubtedly degrade.


1. What happens if you eat expired dough?

When the dough becomes contaminated with mold, eating it is exceedingly dangerous and will make you unwell. You will likely become ill if you believe you can chop it off and expect to be perfectly OK.

 2. Can old pizza dough make you sick?

 Yes. If this deadline has passed, it is prudent to dispose of the pizza dough. If you made your pizza dough, it might be more difficult to determine when it has gone bad.

 3. Why is my pizza dough grey?

Grey pizza dough, as opposed to fresh white or beige pizza dough or dough with grey dots, is also likely ruined.

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