How Big Is A 10 Inch Pizza?


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A 10 inch pizza measures about 8 to 10 inches. But if you think- Is 10 inch pizza enough for 2? Then you can rely on this.

Usually a 10 inch pizza crust measures 78 sq inches. It yields about 4-6 slices. 

A 10 inch pizza is perfect to serve for 2-3 people. And, if you order it for 3-4 kids, then 10 inch pizza is a perfect crust to offer.

Thus it is best for 2 slices.  A perfect portion of the 10 inch pizza in cm when cooked properly tastes better. 

It depends on the ingredients used while preparing the dough that makes the pizza more tasty.

You can enjoy a 10 inch pizza with the best side dishes. In case your group consists of 4-5 people, you can aim to serve them with small-sized pizza. 

You might think- Is a 10 inch pizza enough for one person? Suppose you are a pizza lover, you can gobble up  a 10 inch pizza all alone.

With the perfect portion of side dish, you can easily enjoy a pizza. You can add some extra food item for your menu. 

Suppose you love eating breadsticks, salad, pasta, broccoli or wings, you can enjoy eating it as toppings on the pizza.

It makes the pizza spicy and supreme with juicy texture in every pizza. 

How Many Slices Are In A 10 Inch Pizza?

Slices of a 10 inch pizza can satisfy 2-3 people and 4-6 kids in one serving. If you are looking for home delivery of the pizza, you will also get a 10 inch Pizza Box along with the pizza.

Sometimes the restaurants cover the pizza with aluminum foil so that the pizza remains hot and fresh until eaten. 

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How Many People Can A 10-Inch Pizza Feed?

how big is a 10 inch pizza

All of us know that the size and width of the pizza is one of the most influential factors. It affects the quantity as well as the quality too. It is the first thing that one sees before ordering. 

Pizzas come in different flavors and styles. If you look for a 10 inch pizza price you must first look for the number of people who are ordering it.

Another factor that people often miss out or skip is the type of pizza they would prefer for a gang. 

How Much Dough Is Needed For A 10-Inch Pizza?

The world of pizza is fascinating for every pizza lover. Hence they choose the correct size and it is highly important to know its size and the quality of the dough before you end up ordering for the pizza. Then only you should look at the menu and pick your favorite one! 

Now let us know about when and how to cut a pizza in 10 slices. 

Suppose you are alone but can gobble a full pizza for lunch, it is best to order for a 10 inch pizza.

Small sizes of pizzas are always good for 2-3 people in a gang or for a single person who loves to feed on pizza most of the time. It is the best option for pizza loving kids. 

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It is best to cut the 10 inch size into small pieces for easy and faster eating. 

Here Are 10 Tips For Launching The Perfect 10 Inch Pizza

  • Use the perfect blend of ingredients while preparing a dough
  • Ensure using ‘00’ flour quality
  • Follow the classic dough recipe of Ooni’s classic pizza 
  • Keep it in a room temperature & stretch it
  • Prefer using two peels
  • Flour everything well & mix olive oil in it
  • Cross check if there are any kind of holes in the pizza base
  • Shoggle the pizza base to avoid rough edges
  • Put light toppings
  • Relax and move quickly
  • Apply the Hovercraft technique 

How Many Calories Is In A 10 Inch Pizza?

how big is a 10 inch pizza

Who would not love eating pizzas. There are many people who love eating pizzas. They are cheesy pies with a large craving and quick lunch option.

Pizzas are nutritious. It depends on the ingredients and toppings added in the food that makes it nourishing for one and all.  

While you compare 10 inch pizza vs 12 inch pizza, you can easily understand the difference in the calorie intake.

It ranges from 100+ more than 600 calories per slice. But on an average, a standard slice counts about 250-380 calories. 

It is seen that a 10 inch pizza size comparison is 78 sq inches whereas a 12 inch pizza is 113 square inches.

A 10 inch pizza is a small one whereas a 12 inch pizza is considered to be a medium sized one. It can usually serve four people. 

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Q1. How big is a 10 inch pizza from Domino’s?

Ans1. Domino’s pizza sizes make it easy for personalization in terms of pie. It serves 1-3 people easily. The size of the 10 inch pizza is 78 sq inches. 

Q2. How big is a regular Pizza Hut pizza?

Ans2. A regular sized pizza or a medium sized pizza is 12 inches in diameter. It is fit for serving 5-6 people easily. It is the most ordered pizza when it comes to eating in a gang. 

Q3. What are standard pizza sizes?

Ans3. Standard pizza sizes range between 10 inches, 12 inches, 14 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches, 20 inches. They are perfect for people depending on the number of pizza eaters for a particular occasion. 

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