How To Make Frozen Pizza Burgers


by Elena Mill


Frozen pizza burgers are made up out of meat burgers that has cheese content within it. There are 2 buns of the pizza that creates slices of within 2 to 3 favorite dishes.

It combines within the dishes that are easy as well as delicious burgers which make it a point to be eaten safely. 

Although the ideal temperature for storing the pizza is 40 degrees fahrenheit, when they are freezed well, the pizza will be highly maintained.

It is like these Frozen Pizza Burgers have it all within it. These are all full of taste and offer the same blended taste along with the pizza. 

There are pizza lovers who prefer eating these burgers as they find it relishing, tasty and exploding with the cheese.

The pizza slices are used to create the buns. Pizza burgers frozen are a high definition comfort food that can fill an individual’s stomach quite easily. You can call it an ultimate game changer. 

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Easy And Delicious Pizza Burgers

In some houses there are immense craving for patties pizza and also for burgers, So, for these food lovers, pizza burgers are a great combination.

It offers both satiable food at the same time and can quench your hunger to the extreme level. 


  • frozen pizza burger patties in the style of pizza
  • Chopped and grated ground beef
  • Pinch of adequate salt
  • Amount of pepper 
  • Grated mozzarella cheese
  • Spaghetti sauce 


frozen pizza burgers

Step 1: 

It is about preparing the pizza all according to the packaged directions all set with the ingredients that make the most out of it.

So, you must read the pizza directions given on the packet to know where and how the pizza needs to be prepared. 

Step 2: 

Now, in a medium sized bowl, you will have to gently combine the salt, ground beef, salt and pepper so that you are sure of working in it.

The meat should be properly blended and it offers a great taste when properly blended and cooked to be put with the pizza burgers. 

Step 3: 

These pizza burgers with spam are highly filling and so are recommended by the people who love eating it. The best part is that it consists of 6 ounces of luncheon meat along with grated spam.

You will have to add 2 cups of sauce along with 2 cups of grated mozzarella cheese to give it the best taste and of course a healthy diet. 

Step 4: 

The next step is to put the 4 ground beef passed within the patties so that they taste great and create an indentation in the middle of the patty.

Once you start using these pasted ingredients in the frozen pizza burgers you will not look back at any other pizza forms other than this. 

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Step 5: 

Once you put the patties within the burger, it will help in flattening the pattis with a bottomed glass. It will help the burgers in order to flatten the cooking.

Thus the next is to heat the large skillet all over the medium heat so that it does not get burnt up in any case.  

Step 6: 

You can use parmesan sprinkles on the frozen pizza burgers directly so that they help you blend in a much better taste.

The burger mix made out of ground beef and a mix of grated cheese (mozzarella) gives a great taste. This maintains the taste of the pizza burgers for longer hours. 

Step 7: 

Cook the pizza burgers until each side is properly cooked. The hamburger is used to reach the internal temperature of 160 F.

Remove patties from pan and add a slice of mozzarella cheese and each patty allowing it to melt.    

Step 8: 

When pizza is done, use the round cutter to cut circle buns the size of the burgers. You will need to cut the slices and bun. The size of the burgers look great and so they form great cuts all together. 

Step 9: 

Next you will have to make the pizza burgers in slices cut out from the main crust of the pizza so that you can enjoy eating the best slices available.

Creating the pizza by placing the burgers in between the pizza buns are highly in demand. 

Step 10: 

Fry the patties and then make it a point to sprinkle the parmesan on the pizza. This will help in making the pizza bread tasty and applying some butter on the pizza buns will soften them a lot. Adding the red flakes of the pepper will make it tasty.

Equipment To Be Used- 

frozen pizza burgers

There is no need to make this simple recipe transform into this great recipe especially for the kids as well as for adults.  

  • Medium sized Mixing bowl
  • High definition Skillets
  • Cookie cutter for faster cooking 


  • There is not any compulsion that you will have to use a particular variety of frozen pizza, 
  • You can use any choice of the bun that is your favorite within this recipe
  • Not necessary you will have to use grated cheese for your recipe, you can also use your favorite cheese for the recipe 
  • Add some red pepper flakes for taste and the burgers starts to kick out heat
  • While cooking th burgers, it is best to check whether the pizza is pink inside
  • Also check whether the pizza can be put in a sturdy cookie cutter instead of pressing down the hard break through the crust
  • For any kind of extra goodness, you will need to serve the side of the ranch   

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can you cook burgers from frozen in a frying pan?

Ans1. You must cook the burgers from the frozen state in the frying pan after you leave them at room temperature for sometime. 

Q2. How do you make frozen burgers taste better?

Ans2. In addition to the frozen burgers, add some grated cheese and ground beef for a more blended taste. 

Q3. How long do you cook frozen burgers for?

Ans3. It takes 20-25 minutes and then flip 2-3 times for a total cooking time and prepare frozen pizza burgers. 

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