How To Make Crustless Pizza At Home


by Elena Mill


Whenever I am famished and want to cook and devour something, I prefer a crustless pizza recipe as it is an easy and tasty keto dinner recipe. But trust me, you will be amazed after trying this delicious carb-free crustless pizza recipe.

This recipe is also good enough if you someday want a quick and easy pizza meal without any baking or putting much effort into feeding your whole family in just 15 minutes. While you take an ordinary pizza, it contains a high carb count. Someday, when I am not in the mood to make it, I order my crustless pizza near me.

Compared with ordinary or no-rise pizza dough, a crustless pizza has a small or sometimes zero carb count to keep me healthy without compromising my cravings. It is an alternative way to enjoy the family pizza night.

I love this recipe the most because it might not need many utensils; only one pan is enough to prepare a pizza bowl. After eating the toppings over ordinary pizza bread, we are used to throwing out the crust away as our health is more important.

How To Make Crustless Pizza At Home

What Is A Crustless Pizza Made Of?

As the name explains, a crustless pizza has everything you prefer about a crustless pizza bowl without the crust. I make it easily whenever I am craving carbs! It is a superb tasty choice for the ones who follow a low-carb diet, as the base contains ground meat and much cheese topped.

When it comes to eating a healthy pizza, many people opt for a naan bread pizza recipe. Instead of using pizza crust, ground pork, or sausage, I cook, make a layer, place it on the bottom of the skillet, and add my favorite toppings.

You can also make your favorite crustless pizza bowl out of healthy veggies. If you once tasted this crustless pizza recipe, just like me, you will never want to return to the bready portion of the ordinary pizza.

Why Will This Crustless Pizza Recipe Be A Dinner Time Favourite?

If you want to enjoy a pizza without adding carbs to your dinner, then this is the best option to have because-

  • A crustless pizza bowl is very much included in the keto diet because of its low carbs. It carries zero carbs. Certain vegetables or smoked meat can increase the carb level, but if you want zero carb count, go through my easy process.
  • As per my simple one, you need a single skillet. I use the same skillet from the ground meat to prepare the crustless pizza. Don’t worry; washing multiple mixing bowls or other utensils will take little effort.
  • Your meal will be within 15 minutes on your dinner table. If you are a keto diet lover, I suggest it to you.
  • You don’t need any mandatory tools to make your crustless pizza bowl ready for you and your family while having a plan for movie night. 
  • What I love about this crustless pizza recipe is how easily it satisfies my soul when craving pizza. The crust is the most boring thing about a pizza; you will eliminate it. You will even love this if you are not a low-carb diet person.

How Do You Make A No-Crust Pizza?

You will feel amazed to know how easy this crustless pizza is to make. What is not to love in a crustless pizza bowl when you get a tasty, easy-to-make, and friendly recipe in your kitchen to make out of your favorite toppings?

It has the same ingredients as your ordinary pizza except for the crust and high carb content.

Crustless Pizza

The Ingredients

1. Ground meat- As a crustless pizza lover, lean ground turkey is the best option as it reduces the overall fat content to balance the cheese used in this recipe. Don’t worry if you are not comfortable with turkey; you can also add lean ground chicken, pork, or beef.
2. Garlic- Garlic gives the turkey or the ground meat an excellent flavor.
3. Olive oil- As we are trying to reduce fat content, olive oil is the best ingredient to choose for frying everything.
4. Italian seasonings- I never forget Italian herbs to bring the fantastic taste of a crustless pizza bowl.
5. Cheddar Cheese or mozzarella cheese- The ground turkey mixed with cheddar cheese gives a cheesy flavor to my pizza, and mozzarella cheese over it provides amazing pizza topping vibes.
6. Pizza sauce- You can make your keto pizza sauce not using carbs.
7. Pizza toppings- I prefer to enjoy my pizza with bell peppers, pepperoni, mushrooms, etc., and you can add others toppings with which you are comfortable.

Tools To Make Pizza Without Crust

To be ready with your favorite crustless pizza recipe at home, nothing extraordinary is needed as you do in an English muffin pizza air fryer recipe.

Cast Iron Skillet: If you have a cast iron skillet at home, you are very much good to go, but if not, it’s ok. Sometimes, I use my all-time frying pan or baking dish that is oven safe instead of the skillet.

The Instructions

I generally take a 12-inch skillet and begin my journey by adding olive oil and placing it on medium heat. After the skillet gets hot, I add garlic and saute it till not get the fragrance. Now it is the time to add your favorite ground meat like turkey, chicken, or pork, whatever you like, and break them using a spatula. I prefer to cook the ground meat for 5-6 minutes until it gets pinkish.

Now it is time to displace the skillet from the heat. Start adding your pizza sauce, followed by your favorite toppings, and finally, sprinkle mozzarella cheese over the pizza. Then, I start stirring through the cheddar cheese and mixing till it gets completely incorporated and makes the base of my yummy crustless pizza bowl.

You have to cook your pizza for about 12-15 minutes until the mozzarella cheese melts like it is bubbling on top. Now remove your crustless pizza from the oven and enjoy your meal.

Some Tips To Store And Serve The Crustless Pizza

  • I store my crustless pizza for almost five days in the refrigerator by covering it well.
  • You can place your cooled crustless pizza into an airtight container, put your favorite crustless pizza in the freezer for almost six months, and enjoy it whenever you crave it.
  • Whenever I make my crustless pizza bowl at home or order crustless pizza near me, I reheat my refrigerated pizza by placing it into the microwave for about 30-40 seconds before consuming it.

Protip For Making This Recipe In Just 15 Minutes

A microwave is an ideal tool for preparing your favorite crustless pizza recipe. When you add preferable toppings to your pizza bowl, you will be amazed at how easy it is to make within just 15 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Little Caesars have crustless pizza?
Ans. Yes! Little Caesars always help you to stick to your healthier, low-carb keto diet. Of course, Little Caesars offers crustless pizza.

2. Is Marcos’s crustless pizza keto-friendly?
Ans. Yes, you can get your keto-friendly crustless pizza at Marcos. Even the toppings they use are almost all keto-friendly, not to upset any pizza lovers. Without any second thought, you can have your crustless pizza bowl from Marcos’s keto ones.

3. Does Papa Murphy’s make a crustless pizza?
Ans. You will hear yes, Papa Murphy’s makes crustless pizza. Papa Murphy’s crustless pizza is made keeping your keto diet and low carbs in mind. You can quickly get your favorite carb-free crustless pizza whenever you are not in the mood to make it at home for dinner.   

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