Can You Use The Marinara Sauce For Pizza


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Here’s The Short Answer: Yes, You Can Use The Marinara Sauce On Your Pizza. It’s A Perfectly Valid Option That Many People Choose.

Marinara Sauce Is Typically Made With Tomatoes, Garlic, And Herbs, Which Makes It A Natural Fit For Topping A Pizza.

The Main Difference Between Marinara And Tomato Sauce Is That Tomato Sauce Also Includes Cheese And Other Ingredients Like Onion And Celery.

While Marinara Sauce Is Commonly Used As An Accompaniment To Italian Dishes Like Pasta And Meatballs, You May Wonder If It Can Be Used In Place Of Pizza Sauce.

It Certainly Can, And There Are Plenty Of Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Marinara Instead Of Traditional Pizza Sauce To Top Your Pizza The Next Time You Feel Peckish Or Host A Casual Party.

Keep Reading To Learn All About The Deliciousness Of Marinara Sauce On Pizza!

What Is Marinara Sauce?

Marinara Sauce Is A Tomato-Based Sauce Typically Made With Tomatoes, Garlic, Onions, And Herbs.

It Is A Common Ingredient In Italian Cuisine And Is Often Used As A Dipping Sauce Or Pasta Sauce.

Marinara Sauce Can Also Be Used On Pizzas Instead Of Traditional Tomato Sauce.

While It May Not Be Traditional, It Can Still Be Delicious! If You Want To Experiment With Your Next Pizza Recipe, Try Using A Thinner Marinara Sauce Instead Of The Thicker Tomato Sauce.

To Keep The Crust From Getting Soggy, Put Your Crust First And Then Layer The Toppings On Top (After Applying Some Cheese).

Can You Use Marinara Sauce For Pizza

Can You Use The Marinara Sauce For Pizza

If You’re Looking For A Quick And Easy Pizza Sauce, You May Be Wondering If Marinara Sauce Can Be Used In Place Of Traditional Pizza Sauce.

The Answer Is Yes! Marinara Sauce Is A Great Option For Those Who Are Short On Time Or Don’t Have All The Ingredients For Traditional Pizza Sauce. Here’s A Quick And Easy Recipe For Marinara Pizza Sauce 

  • 1. In A Pot Over Medium Heat, Saute Garlic With Olive Oil Until Fragrant (About 1 Minute). 
  • 2. Add Diced Tomatoes And Cook Until Soft (About 10 Minutes). 
  • 3. Stir In Oregano And Basil. 
  • 4. Season With Salt To Taste. Let Cool Before Using It As Your Pizza Sauce. The Marinara Sauce Also Makes An Excellent Pizza Topping, Especially When Paired With Ground Beef Or Sausage. Mix It Up By Adding Toppings Like Pepperoni, Olives, And Pineapple. You Can Add Extra Flavours Like Oregano, Parsley, Chilli Flakes, Or Fennel Seeds.

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The Difference Between Marinara And Pizza Sauce

  • 1. Marinara Is A Type Of Tomato Sauce That Originated In Italy. 
  • 2. It Is Usually Made With Tomatoes, Garlic, And Herbs And Has A Thinner Consistency Than Pizza Sauce. 
  • 3. Pizza Sauce Is Also Made With Tomatoes But Usually Has A Thicker Consistency And More Of A Pizza Flavour Due To The Addition Of Spices Like Oregano And Basil. 
  • 4. While You Can Technically Use Marinara As A Pizza Sauce, It May Not Have Enough Flavour To Taste Like Pizza. 
  • 5. If You’re In A Pinch And Don’t Have Any Pizza Sauce On Hand, You Can Try Adding Some Extra Spices To Your Marinara To Give It More Of A Pizzeria Flavour. 
  • 6. Marinating Chopped Tomatoes Overnight In Salt, Pepper, Olive Oil, And Italian Seasoning Will Do The Trick! Using Half Marinara And Half Pizza Sauce Should Suffice If All Else Fails. 
  • Or, If You’re Cooking At Home And Don’t Want To Use Store-Bought Sauces, Here’s How To Make Your Own: Combine A Cup Of Tomato Sauce With Two Tablespoons Each Of Dried Parsley, Dried Oregano, Dried Basil, Dried Thyme Leaves And Ground Black Pepper.
  • Let This Mixture Sit For An Hour Before Combining It With One Tablespoon Of Sugar And Soy Sauce.

Make Your Own Marinara Sauce

  • 1. Start With Good Olive Oil. Extra Virgin Is Great, But Lighter Olive Oil Will Do If You Watch Your Budget.
  • 2. Add Some Chopped Onions And Garlic. You Can Add Other Vegetables Like Carrots Or Celery, But I Like Keeping It Simple.
  • 3. Pour In A Can Of Crushed Tomatoes. You Can Also Use Whole Tomatoes And Crush Them Yourself, But That’s A Bit More Work.
  • 4. Add Some Herbs. I Like To Use Basil, Oregano, And Thyme, But You Can Use Whatever You Like Or Have On Hand.
  • 5. Let The Sauce Simmer So The Flavours Can Meld Together. If You Want A Smoother Sauce, Use An Immersion Blender At This Point. 
  • 6. Add Salt And Pepper To Taste 
  • 7. Let Cool 
  • 8. Freeze Portions 
  • 9. Enjoy!

Easy Homemade Pizza Recipe With Marinara Sauce

Can You Use The Marinara Sauce For Pizza

You Can Most Definitely Use The Marinara Sauce For Pizza! This Easy Homemade Pizza Recipe Only Requires A Few Simple Ingredients And Can Be On The Table In No Time.

Preheat Your Oven, Roll Out Your Dough, Top With Sauce And Your Favourite Toppings, And Bake. In Just Minutes, You’ll Have A Delicious Pizza That The Whole Family Will Love.

So Next Time You’re In The Mood For Pizza, Don’t Reach For The Delivery Menu – Grab Some Marinara Sauce And Get To Work!

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  • Tomatoes Are The Base Of Most Marinara Sauces, Which Usually Also Include Garlic, Onions, And A Variety Of Herbs. Some Common Herbs Used In Marinara Sauce Are Basil, Oregano, And Thyme.
  • Marinara Sauce Is Often Used As A Dipping Sauce Or Pasta Sauce, And It Can Also Be Used On Pizzas Instead Of Traditional Tomato Sauce.
  • When Choosing A Marinara Sauce To Use On Your Pizza, Look For One With Quality Ingredients And A Balanced Acidity And Sweetness.
  • Recipes May Vary Widely, But Tomatoes Typically Make Up The Bulk Of The Sauce, While Other Vegetables Like Onions And Peppers May Be Added.
  • Onions And Garlic Are Staples In Many Recipes, While Fresh Parsley, Bay Leaves, Dried Oregano And Fresh Basil Add Flavour.


1. Preheat The Oven To 350 Degrees F (175 Degrees C). 

2. In A Large Saucepan, Heat Olive Oil Over Medium Heat. 

3. Add Garlic, And Cook Until Fragrant. 

4. Stir In Crushed Tomatoes And Tomato Paste, And Season With Sugar, Basil, Salt, And Pepper. 

5. Simmer For About 30 Minutes Or Until The Sauce Has Thickened. 

6. Spread The Sauce Over The Pizza Dough. 

7. Bake For About 25 Minutes Or Until The Crust Is Golden Brown.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Pizza Is Better With Marinara Sauce Or Tomato Sauce.

Marinara Sauce Is Tomato Based And Is Usually Thicker Than Tomato Sauce. The Taste Of A Marinara Sauce Is More Intense Than A Plain Tomato Sauce.

If You Are Looking To Create A Thick Crust, The Best Thing To Do Is Put In More Mozzarella Cheese And Ricotta Cheese On Top Of The Dough, But If You Want A Thinner Crust, Then It Would Be Better To Use Tomato Sauce.

2. What Can I Substitute For Pizza Sauce?

One Common Question We Get Here At The Pizzeria Is Whether Or Not You Can Substitute Marinara Sauce For Pizza Sauce.

The Answer Is Yes! Marinara Sauce Is A Pizza Sauce Made With Tomatoes, Garlic, And Herbs. It’s Slightly Thinner Than Traditional Pizza Sauce, But It Will Still Give Your Pie A Delicious Flavour.

3. What Kind Of Sauce Do You Put On Pizza?

Most People Think Of Tomato Sauce When They Think Of Pizza Sauce, But Various Sauces Can Be Used On Pizza. Marinara Sauce Is A Type Of Tomato Sauce That Is Commonly Used In Italian Cooking.

It Is Made With Tomatoes, Garlic, And Herbs. While It Is Not As Common As Other Pizza Sauces, It Can Be Used On Pizza. The Marinara Sauce Has A Strong Flavour And Is Very Versatile.

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