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The safest option is to avoid placing cardboard in the oven. Even at the oven’s lowest temperature, placing cardboard in the oven poses a risk of spontaneous combustion or fire.

Manufacturers construct cardboard from paper and corrugated boards. According to authorities, paper ignites at 451 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas corrugated board ignites at higher temperatures.

However, most handmade and frozen pizzas require baking at temperatures exceeding 400 degrees. There is not much wiggle room between the temperature your pizza must bake and the temperature at which cardboard burns.

What Is Cardboard Made Of?

The majority of pizza boxes are manufactured from corrugated cardboard, consisting of three layers of paper liners bonded together. This material is blended, printed, and then fed through a die machine that cuts out vents and generates creases that will be folded into a box.

What Is Cardboard Made OF

Glue or another adhesive is used to press layers of paper together to create cardboard. It is an inexpensive, lightweight, and durable material that may be utilized in various ways.

However, it is cheap does not exclude it from being recyclable. This article may assist you in deciding whether or not you should recycle your cardboard boxes.

If the cardboard has not been treated with chemicals or painted (in which case the response would be no), anyone who wishes to can bake their things directly on top of the cardboard in the oven.

Remember that some paper goods cannot be cooked in the microwave because they contain wax or other flammable coatings.

Please do not attempt to microwave a piece of cardboard since doing so might also cause it to catch fire.

Will Cardboard Burn In The Oven?

Please do not attempt to microwave a piece of cardboard since doing so might also cause it to catch fire. Did you know that making the right choice can be the difference between a smile and a frown?

Since the cardboard is not very hot, it can easily be moved with a fork or spatula. Some cardboard companies will spray a liquid coating on their boxes so that they do not burn in the microwave or the oven.

The coating contains resin, which is necessary to prevent the box from extinguishing in case of fire. According to experts, if you use plastic and put it in an oven, the plastic might melt or warp and emit a smelly odor due to the heat built up inside.

Also, if your oven has the highest heat capacity of 500 degrees Fahrenheit, it is not a good idea to bake cardboard in it to test its capacity.

Cardboard may catch fire at temperatures as low as 175 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s better to avoid it completely and use a material such as aluminum foil instead.

In addition to creating a potentially hazardous cooking environment, the gases from burning cardboard are poisonous and hazardous to inhale.

What Happens When You Put Cardboard In The Oven?

What Happens When You Put Cardboard In The Oven

Because most cardboard is created from recycled paper, it is not recommended to bake it. The heat might ignite the cardboard, spreading to the food. Additionally, the gases produced by burning cardboard are poisonous and hazardous to inhale.

Although the risk of fire from microwaving cardboard is rather low, it is not zero. However, cardboard contains several organic glue and grease layers that, when heated, may emit harmful gases.

3 Reasons Cardboard Should Never Go In The Oven

Not just pizzas are packed on cardboard; other items are as well. Most frozen goods are packaged in a cardboard box with a plastic lid.

Consequently, before baking your food, you should always remove all wrapping completely. Otherwise, you risk having melted plastic on your meal, which is unacceptable.

It would be best if you never placed cardboard in the oven, no matter what you cook. This is why.

1. Risk Of Spontaneous Combustion:

The cardboard contains paper, which is highly flammable. When the cardboard is heated, it causes the paper to ignite, which subsequently causes the box to catch fire. It can cause a lot of damage and a total kitchen catastrophe.

Although it is not yet fully confirmed, some cardboard boxes are known to contain toxic chemicals. The most dangerous of them are dioxins. Dioxin is carcinogenic as well as toxic.

Inhalation of dioxin can cause respiratory issues and liver damage, while ingestion may lead to colorectal cancer and diabetes mellitus. So do not even consider putting food that you plan to eat in the oven near cardboard because you never know what toxic substances might be found.

2. Slows Down Cooking Time:

Since cardboard is flammable, it will slow down the process of cooking. In contrast, it may also burn your food ahead of schedule.

It will take your oven longer to reach its desired temperature, which means that your food might be overcooked or burned, even though you were told otherwise. The only exception may be if the cardboard had been coated with a protective lining that works with microwaves.

3. Makes Your Food Taste Weird:

It is almost impossible to get rid of that sour, burnt taste in the food through cooking. This is what we call ” cardboard flavor, ” It makes the food unusable and quite distasteful.

In contrast, the cardboard will stick to your food, and you will have to remove it by hand. In this regard, both microwave and conventional oven gear are preferable to cardboard because they are faster and healthier.

3 Alternative Methods You Must Try

Cardboard In The Oven

Instead of placing your pizza box in the oven to keep it warm at a party or sliding your frozen pizza, cardboard and all, over onto a rack, consider several safer alternatives that might result in tastier meals.

1. Cardboard Support:

Fans and admirers of frozen pizza have probably experienced a pizza or two that came with a circular piece of cardboard. Typically, the cardboard lays beneath the frozen pizza in its packing.

This piece of cardboard is designed to act as support for the pizza; it keeps the pizza stable during delivery and helps keep the ingredients together.

It would be ideal for baking your pizza without using the round cardboard component. It won’t improve your baking experience in any way; in fact, it will likely lengthen your baking time and diminish the quality of your dish.

However, it can be used as supplemental assistance. Utilize the cardboard to assist you in sliding the pizza onto the rack.

2. Cookie Sheets:

In our opinion, cookie sheets should be a standard in any kitchen. It is one of the cleanest and most straightforward methods for baking or cooking in an oven.

Cookies sheets may accommodate bigger, more robust foods, such as a frozen pizza, and small items that might fall through the oven rack, such as cookies.

Check whether your cookie sheet is stick or nonstick before using it. This will assist in establishing whether or not the baking sheet requires greasing before cooking.

The cookie sheet will heat up in the oven and help cook the food evenly. You will never have to be concerned about the sheet catching fire.

3. Pizza Pan:

Invest in a pizza-specific baking utensil if you anticipate preparing a large quantity of handmade or frozen pizza. Typically, a pizza pan or pizza stone is a circular device that may be used to bake pizza in the oven.

The pizza pan resembles a cookie sheet. Typically, it is a somewhat thin metal. The pan is simple to clean and will not overheat in the oven.

A pizza stone is broader and heavier than a pizza pan, and it is likely composed of stone or ceramic. This gadget will safeguard your food, assist in keeping your oven clean, and prevent any concerns regarding cardboard oven fires.

Can You Bake A Pizza With Cardboard?

The answer to this question is no; you should never place cardboard in the oven or microwave. You can use it for baking but not for cooking food. There is a risk of burning yourself, and your pizza will be scorched at all temperatures.

Remember that some cardboard boxes contain chemicals that can harm you if they enter your mouth. Especially if you have already consumed them, they may cause an allergic reaction, which could be very dangerous.

However, if it is used as a wrapping for frozen meals, you may use the cardboard as an edible container and microwave it before placing your meal in the box to keep it hot inside until serving time.


Can You Put Paper In The Oven?

Wax paper is not as heat-resistant as parchment paper; therefore, it will melt when subjected to sustained, high heat and easily catch fire. Although oven-safe parchment paper may brown slightly in the oven, it will not ignite.

Are Cardboard Boxes Flammable?

Yes! Highly combustible corrugated cardboard can facilitate the start and spread of a possible fire. Additionally, cardboard debris might obstruct exits that must be utilized in the case of a fire.

Can I Put Foil In The Oven?

Although foil is heat resistant, it is not heatproof. Using high heat with aluminum foil on the bottom of the oven could cause the foil to melt, resulting in irreparable equipment damage.


Always cover your hands while handling hot goods, such as a pizza right from the rack, a cookie sheet, a pizzas stone, or a baking dish. These objects can reach highly hazardous temperatures when heated. Use an oven mitt while taking these hot foods from the oven.

Rather than pondering, “Can you put cardboard in the oven?” and risking a potential kitchen fire, it is safer to avoid cardboard when baking. Avoid using it in your cooking, and keep it away from the oven rack.

While cardboard can normally withstand high temperatures under normal conditions, you cannot control every aspect that might cause a fire.

The cardboard material, humidity in the oven, and direct heat exposure will all play a role. Choose a safer alternative from this selection. You will guarantee that your food is delicious while keeping your home secure.

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