Can You Eat Pizza With Braces?


by Elena Mill


Certainly you can eat pizza with braces. But you need to take care of the fact that you avoid eating tough crusts with hard and sticky toppings.

A careful bite will help you eat and enjoy your delicious pizza with your favorite toppings. 

A very common question- can I eat fries with braces is asked by people on a frequent note. It is also essential to clean the teeth and the braces for maintaining optimal health of the teeth. 

Always look for the pizza place where you can get your choice of toppings and not damage your teeth 

If you are asking-can you eat bacon with braces, It is a grand Yes. You can eat bacon, sushi and soft and small burgers with braces.

If ever you feel sensitivity or any sort of soreness in the teeth, try to see a doctor or go for adjustment once more. 

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Risks Of Eating Pizza With Braces

can you eat pizza with braces

Every piece of peace love and pizza come with amazing experiences. But you need to know the risks that might come up while eating pizza with braces. 

  • Remember that food bites may get stuck between the metal and your teeth more easily with braces, increasing your risk of gingivitis and tooth decay. 
  • Certain food particles and cheesy toppings are more likely than others to become stuck. Pineapple, for example, is a delicate fruit that easily separates. Mozzarella cheese is also separable and non sticky. Eat apple slices which are easy to gobble up. 
  • Eating food items with acid can be risky to eat pizza with toppings. Lots of different kinds of food like tomatoes, citrus toppings, roasted vegetables, salsa, vinegar and barbecue sauce can prove dangerous. 
  • Eating bubble gum can be risky and so one with braces should stay away from these. Sugar free gum is fine but not the ones with high content in sugar. 
  • Crunchy chewy foods like popcorn, hard candies, biscuits, hard cookies, less cooked meat, ice can be problematic to eat. These damage the braces very soon. 
  • Eating raw veggies like celery, carrots can be problematic. The same is for rice, cob, corn, ribs, chicken wings and any kind of hard base can be problematic. 

Tips For Eating Pizza With Braces Include

can you eat pizza with braces
  • Always opt for the toppings that are soft and small as they are a safe bet. And, avoid eating tough toppings or overcooked ones.
  • Thicker crust pizza is a good one for people eating pizza with braces because thin ones are crunchy and hard at times. 
  • It is best not to use braces to cut the pizza rather it is best to cut the pizza using the fork and the knife for small pieces
  • Order for thicker crust which will take less times to chew and the food will not stuck in the front teeth 
  • Try to use floss after eating the pizza with braces to avoid sticky and foul smell from the mouth. 
  • It is best to order for pan pizza with a thicker crust and use a fork and knife to cut the slices. 
  • Divide the pizza into smaller chunks and accomplish the pizza one by one using the best strategy. Eating mozzarella is a much better bet. It is not very sticky like caramel. 

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Which Types Of Pizzas You Should Avoid With Braces?

  • Eat thick and soft-crust pizza rather than the tougher crust of pizza. These can damage the braces and get stuck between the wires, brackets and the teeth. The next thing that you should think of is the toppings. 
  • Avoid eating hard bread and food items so that it does not damage your braces. It takes a lot of effort to chew. Bonding between teeth and brackets gets weaker more and more.  Choose pizza crust to protect the braces. 
  • Raw vegetables and hard ones is one of the ingredients that pizza contains. So, you should be super careful while choosing the crust and the toppings. They can break the braces.  
  • Avoid eating meat, meaty food items, overcooked pepperoni as it is bad for braces. These may leave your braces to go loose  or something will fall out. 
  • Avoid eating crispy chicken crumbles, and sticky cheese toppings with the pizza. The debris that leaves behind will cause excess plaque leading to tooth decay. 

Does Pizza Get Stuck In Your Braces?

Pizza with a soft patty and toppings on it and a thicker crust will never get stuck in the braces. And the best idea is to floss the teeth after eating the pizza. 

Another tip is that it is best to order for less cheese toppings on the pizza to avoid any kind of stickiness or soreness between the braces.

If you are visiting a pizza patron near me make sure you order less toppings of cheese. 

It will save your teeth and also not make you feel bad about the wires, brackets and the teeth. Flossing once a day is important to save oral hygiene. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can pizza break your bracket?

Ans1. If you are eating pizzas with thinner crust, you might encounter the mishap of breaking your braces. So, it is best to go for soft crust pizza. 

Q2. Why can’t people with braces eat pizza crust?

Ans2. The crust on thin pizza is usually very crunchy. It may lead to problems like the braces.

If you avoid eating the pizza crust it will save your braces from sticking of food, loose brackets or bent wires. 

Q3. Can you eat fries with braces?

Ans3. You may eat fries with your braces. But, you will have to floss or clean them up after eating the meal.

Just keep a note that no leftovers are available accidentally or else it will cause sensitivity. 

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